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July 5, 2022

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Spotlight on EPS Staff!

Four adults standing on a stairway, outdoors, one holding a citation

From left: Superintendent Priya Tahiliani, State Rep. Joseph McGonagle,
EHS Athletic Director Tammy Turner, and School Committee Chairperson Jeanne Cristiano.

Everett High Athletic Director Tammy Turner has been named a 2022 Commonwealth Heroine by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Turner was nominated by State Rep. Joe McGonagle for her service to Everett athletics and the community at large, as well as being a great role model for women and girls everywhere. 

Rep. McGonagle visited Everett High School last week to present Ms. Turner with the official State House certificate recognizing the honor. He was joined by Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani and School Committee Chairperson Jeanne Cristiano. 

Legislators from across the Commonwealth are invited to nominate a woman in their district who they believe goes above and beyond to make their community a better place. The Commission described these women as those “who don’t always make the news, but they truly make the difference.” Last month, the honorees and their guests enjoyed lunch while members of the Commission took turns reading an excerpt for each honoree. Yellow roses were gifted to each woman, as the symbol of the MCSW in honor of the yellow rose symbol used by suffragettes for many years.

“Tammy is just an incredible woman who works tirelessly for our students and community,” said McGonagle. “I was very excited to be able to nominate her for this recognition as someone who advocates fiercely for the betterment of our schools and athletics. I am also thankful to be able to meet with Tammy and Superintendent Tahiliani to present Tammy with a citation to celebrate this moment.”

The MCSW is an independent state agency that was legislatively created in 1998 to advance women of the Commonwealth to full equality in all areas of life and to promote their rights and opportunities. The 19 members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Caucus of Women Legislators.


Opportunities for Staff


There are two spots remaining in the district’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire’s Duet Program, which offers working educators an opportunity to start, continue, and finish school with high-quality coaching and support. The work is project based with no books and 100% virtual. Once you attain your bachelors degree, you can transition to an educator preparation program. 

This is a tremendous opportunity that some members are already taking advantage of. Financial Aid is available and we have a program that will help you complete that process. We are working towards making a one time contribution towards the bill for EPS employees who enter the program. 

Click HERE to sign up!



The district is seeking two Teachers to work as Paraprofessional Mentors for the 2022-2023 school year. Mentors will coach paraprofessionals and help connect them with career advancement opportunities such as degree programs, MTEL prep, and Massachusetts Teacher Licensure acquisition.  

Click HERE for complete details.     


Fabieri 'Fab' Fabert Fundraiser

Orientation Team: All spots have been filled!