School Committee » Rules


Section 1. Organization
The School Committee shall meet on the first Monday in January each year and shall be called to order by the senior member present, in years of service. The School Committee shall organize by the election by ballot of one of its members as Chairperson and one of its members as Vice-Chairperson. The School Committee shall annually, by ballot, elect the Superintendent of Schools as Secretary. (City Charter, CH. 355, Acts of 1892, Section 46).
Section 2. Powers
The school Committee shall be the judge of the election and qualification of its members and shall determine the rules for its proceedings. (City Charter, Ch. 355, Acts of 1892, Sec. 46).
Section 3. Subcommittees
The Chairperson shall appoint, no later than by the second regular meeting each year, the following standing Subcommittees, with the person so appointed to be its chairperson: 
  • Finance and Negotiations
  • Student Opportunity
  • Personnel and Property
  • Rules, Policy and Procedure
  • Equity, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Budget of the Whole
  • Committee of the Whole AMENDED DECEMBER 7, 2020
  • Cafeteria AMENDED FEBRUARY 7, 2022
  • Career and Technical Education AMENDED FEBRUARY 7, 2022
The Chairperson may, from time to time, as the need arises, appoint ad hoc or special subcommittees for the specific purpose and for a specified time.
The terms of the members of both Standing and Special Subcommittees shall be coterminous with the term of the Chairperson, except for the Subcommittees on Contract Negotiations and Finance. This term shall be for a period of two years.
The appointment of subcommittees by the Chairperson shall not be subject to the approval of the School Committee. Individual members, however, may decline to accept subcommittee appointments, but each member shall serve on at least three standing subcommittees.
Section 1. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the School Committee, for the purpose of organizing, shall be held on the first Monday in January of each year.
Section 2. Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the School Committee shall be held on the first and third Monday of each month, except July and August. A Regular meeting shall be held in July on a date agreeable to the majority of the members. A regular meeting shall be held on the last Monday in August.
All regular meetings shall begin promptly at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise determined at a prior meeting by vote of the majority of the members. AMENDED AUGUST 27, 2012

When said regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, a regular meeting of the School Committee shall instead be held at 6:30 PM on the Tuesday following such holiday. AMENDED MAY 4, 2020

Section 3. Special Meetings
Special meetings of the School Committee may be called at the discretion of the Chairperson, or at the request of three members of the School Committee, the Chairperson shall call a special meeting.

In the absence of the Chairperson, a special meeting requested by three members may be called by the Vice Chairperson.

All business to be taken up at a special meeting shall be itemized and described in the call of the meeting sent to the School Committee members and publicly posted as required by statute. No other business, except of an emergency nature, shall be acted upon at a special meeting.

Section 4. Quorum
A Majority of the members of the School Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may meet in order to adjourn the meeting for lack of a quorum. A quorum failing to appear within thirty minutes of the designated time of any School Committee meeting shall automatically cause adjournment of the meeting.
Section 5 Open Meeting.
All meetings of the School Committee shall be open to the public, provided however, that by roll call, the School Committee may vote to go into Executive Session in accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 39A Sections 23A and 23B, sometimes referred to as “The Open Meeting Law.”
Section 6. Meeting Place
All School Committee meetings shall be held at a handicapped accessible building unless otherwise voted by a majority of all the members of the School Committee prior to the official public notice of the meeting.
Section 7. Parliamentary Rules
In any or all matters of order not specifically determined by the Massachusetts General Laws or by these Rules and Regulations, Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure shall be the authority. AMENDED DECEMBER 17, 2007
Section 8. Public Comment.
All regular and special meetings of the School Committee shall be open to the public.  Executive sessions will be held only as prescribed by the Statues of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The School Committee desires individuals to attend its meetings so that they may become better acquainted with the operations and the programs of our local public schools.  In addition, the Committee would like the opportunity to hear public comment.

Public comment is not a discussion, debate, or dialogue between individuals and the School committee.  It is an individual’s opportunity to express an opinion on issues within the School Committee’s authority.

To ensure the ability of the School Committee to conduct the District’s business in an orderly manner, the following rules and procedures are adopted:
  1. During each regularly scheduled School Committee meeting, individuals will sign in for an opportunity to speak during public comment.  The public comment segment shall not exceed 15 minutes.  All speakers are encouraged to present their remarks in a respectful manner.
  2. Speakers will be allowed up to three (3) minutes to present their material and must begin their comments by stating their name and city/town.  The presiding Chair may permit extension of this time limit, in extenuating circumstances.
  3. Topics for discussion should be limited to those items within the School Committee’s scope of authority.  The authority of the School Committee primarily concerns the review and approval of the budget of the district’s public schools.  Comments and complaints regarding school personnel (apart from the Superintendent) or students are generally prohibited unless those comments and complaints concern matters within the scope of the School Committee authority.
  4. The Chair of the meeting, after a warning, reserves the right to terminate speech which is not constitutionally protected because it constitutes true that are likely to provoke a violent reaction and cause a breach of the peace, or incitement to imminent lawless conduct, or contains obscenities. 
  5. Written comments longer than three (3) minutes may be presented to the presiding Chair before or after the meeting.  All remarks will be addressed through the Chair of the meeting.  Comments made during the public comment portion of the meeting do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the Everett School Committee.
Section 1. Order of Proceedings
The School Committee shall cause the business of its meeting to be listed and described on a calendar (agenda) in the following order:
1. Roll Call AMENDED 2019
2. Pledge of Allegiance AMENDED 2019
3. Reading of the Records of Previous Meeting(s)
4. Public Comment AMENDED 2020
5. Report of the Student Representative AMENDED APRIL 25 2022
6. Report of the Superintendent
7. Items Submitted by School Committee Members AMENDED MAY 20, 1996
8. Subcommittee Reports
9. Bills & Payrolls
10. Unfinished Business
11. New Business
12. Hearings
13. Matters for Executive Session
14. Adjournment
Section 2. Agenda Items
Members of the School Committee may place items on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled meeting. Agenda item(s) are to be submitted to the Secretary, in writing and accompanied with a written explanation, no later than 12:000 Noon on the Wednesday immediately preceding the date of the regular scheduled meeting. Items submitted after that time will be placed on the agenda of the meeting following the next regularly scheduled meeting.
Section 3. Roll Call Votes
At the request of any member, including the Chairperson, a roll call vote (by yeas and nays) shall be taken and entered upon the record. All expenditures shall require a roll call vote. AMENDED DECEMBER 17, 2007
Section 4. Suspension of Rules
Any of the rules and regulations may be suspended at any meeting, for a specific purpose or for the balance of the calendar of the meeting, by a two-thirds vote of the members of the School Committee.
Section 5. Reading of the Agenda Items
All agenda items, records, communications and other business shall be read to the School Committee by the Secretary. Reading of the records may be waived by a majority vote of the School Committee. AMENDED DECEMBER 17, 2007
Section 6. Amendments to Rules
Any of the Rules and Regulations may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the School Committee members, provided, however, that at least one week’s notice of such proposed rules change shall have been given at a previous meeting and entry thereof made into the record.
Section 7. Rights and Responsibilities of Members
Every member when about to speak shall respectfully address the Chair, confine his/her remarks to the specific matter under discussion, and refrain from remarks of a personal nature.
No member shall interrupt another member or speaker who has been duly recognized by the Chair to speak, except to rise to a point of order, or a point of personal privilege. A member may rise to a point of intonation but can only state the point if the speaker is willing to yield.
All discussion by members shall be conducted through the Chair. A question having been voted, it shall be in order for any member who has voted on the prevailing side, to move reconsideration thereof at the same meeting or by filing with the Clerk a written intention of reconsideration within twenty-four (24) hours following the meeting at which the vote to be reconsidered was taken. The matter of reconsideration to be taken up on such written notice at the next regular meeting. A vote of the School Committee shall not be reconsidered unless a majority of the members of the Whole Committee shall vote therefore. A vote may be reconsidered no more than once, either by oral motion at the same meeting, or by written notice as previously noted. A motion for reconsideration shall be debatable.
A majority of members of the School Committee may decide whether or not a member shall be permitted to vote on any matter or serve on any subcommittee where his/her private interest may be concerned. A member whose private interest may be concerned may abstain from a vote or decline to serve on a subcommittee for this reason. There shall be a time limit for discussion of agenda items by School Committee members of two minutes per speaker in order as recognized by the Chair. A member may speak for an additional two minutes provided all members wishing to speak have had an opportunity. AMENDED DECEMBER 17, 2007
All new business shall receive the Chairperson’s review and he/she will present the items of new business to the members for a vote as to whether it will be heard at that meeting or held over to the next meeting.
Section 1. Duties of Chairperson
The Chairperson shall call the meeting to order; preside over the proceedings to ensure conformance with the Rules of the Committee and Parliamentary Procedure, organization of the meeting place, promptly make all rulings required in accordance with the office of Chairperson; and provide for the safety of all persons in attendance at duty called meetings. In this latter respect, the Chairperson shall have the authority to order the ejection of any and all persons acting in a disorderly or disruptive manner, and require that the person or persons be conveniently held at a place apart from the meeting until the meeting has been adjourned.
In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall have and exercise all the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson. In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice- Chairperson, the School Committee shall choose from its members by ballot a Chairperson pro tempore to serve until the Chairperson or Vice-chairperson shall be present, but for no longer than the duration of the meeting at which he/she was elected by the School Committee members to preside.
Section 2. Duties of the Secretary
The Secretary shall be sworn to faithful performance of his/her duties and shall cause an accurate record of the votes and proceedings of the School Committee at each and every meeting, and further the Secretary shall record the names of the members present at each and every meeting. The Secretary shall issue notices of all School Committee meetings, prepare the agenda, and notify Subcommittee members of meetings and appointments. The Secretary shall also perform other duties as the School Committee may, from time to time, require.
Section 3. Duties of the Superintendent
The Superintendent of Schools shall attend all regular and special meetings of the School Committee. The Superintendent shall submit to the School Committee as directed a financial statement setting forth the condition of the various appropriations, and any other information as may be requested from time to time. The Superintendent shall prepare and submit to the School Committee in writing during the month of May in each year, an estimate in detail of the expenses of the schools for the following fiscal year. AMENDED DECEMBER 17, 2007
Section 4. Consecutive Terms
The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson may serve no more than two consecutive, one year terms in their respective offices. A Vice-Chairperson may succeed a Chairperson for two consecutive terms, and a Chairperson may succeed a Vice-Chairperson for one term.
Section 1. Duties of Subcommittees
All subcommittees, whether standing or special, shall function as an advisory committee to the School Committee. A subcommittee shall meet only when matters have been referred to it by the School Committee and shall confine its discussions, activities and recommendations to those specific matters.
A subcommittee may initiate a meeting on a matter not previously referred to it for advice by formally requesting authorization from the School Committee.
All subcommittees shall report their findings, in writing, recommendations or requests for further time at the next regular meeting of the School Committee following such subcommittee meetings.
When a subcommittee is divided on a question, both a majority and one or more minority reports may be submitted to the School Committee. Membership of all subcommittees, except for the Committee on Budget which is a committee of the whole, shall be no more than four nor less than three members of the School Committee, at the discretion of the Chairperson, but once the membership has been established, it shall neither be increased nor decreased until the appointment of new subcommittees following the next annual organizational meeting of the School Committee. AMENDED OCTOBER 7, 2019
Other elected School Committee members may ask questions or speak at duly called subcommittee meetings but have no vote at the subcommittee meeting.
Section 2. Duties of the Subcommittee Chairperson
The Chairperson of a subcommittee shall have the same duties and responsibilities as the Chairperson of the School Committee insofar as the function of the subcommittee is concerned.
Section 3. Removal
Members of subcommittees, including the Chairpersons, may be removed during a term by the School Committee Chairperson, with the approval of a majority of the members of the School Committee.
Section 4. Vacancies
Vacancies on subcommittees created by removal or resignation shall be filled by the School Committee Chairperson in the same manner as original subcommittee appointments.
Section 5. Meetings
Subcommittee meetings shall be called after the hour of 4:00P.M. on weekdays, and at any time on Saturdays or Sundays. Subcommittee meeting schedules shall not conflict with the schedule of regular or special meetings of the School Committee. When such conflicts arise, the School Committee meeting shall take precedence. In cases of emergency, subcommittees may meet at any time.
Section 6. Open Meetings
All meetings of subcommittees shall be open to the public and duly posted in accordance with statutory requirements. A subcommittee may vote to go into Executive Session in the same manner as the School Committee and subject to compliance with previously cited statuses.
Section 7. Meeting Place
Subcommittee meetings shall be held in the School Committee meeting room at the School Administration Building, or at some other suitable place which does not preclude accessibility to the public, except when Executive Sessions are held, they may be convened at a place designated by the subcommittee Chairperson or by agreement of the subcommittee members.
Section 8. Attendance
It shall be recorded in the minutes of the Subcommittee on Finance meetings, the members of the School Committee that are present and those that are absent. AMENDED APRIL 22, 2008
Section 1. Call for Public Hearing
The School Committee may, by a two-thirds vote of the members, call a public hearing on a specific matter.
Section 2. Rules of Public Hearing
Public Hearings, when ordered by the School Committee, shall be held at a date, time and place as designated by vote of a majority of the members of the School Committee.
Section 3. Notice of Public Hearing
Notice of public hearings must be given a minimum of 48 hours prior to the date of the public hearing. Said notice shall contain the date, time, location and subject matter of the public hearing. Notice shall be made by posting the same in public buildings and by advertisement in the local media.
Section 4. Rules of Order
The Chairperson shall conduct the public hearing. The School Committee Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure shall apply to the public hearing.
Section 5. Addressing Committee
The Chairperson shall recognize members of the general public wishing to address the School Committee. All persons so recognized must first state their full name and address. Each person so recognized shall be given two minutes to speak and shall confine his/her remarks to the subject matter of the public hearing. The School Committee may waive or extend the time allotted to a speaker, except that such waiver shall apply to all sides wishing to be heard. AMENDED OCTOBER 7, 2019
Section 6. Disposition of Public Hearing
At the conclusion of the public hearing, the matter shall be referred back to the School Committee for disposition under the rules of the School Committee.
Section 1. General
Subject to appropriation and approval by the Chairman, each duly elected member of the Everett School Committee shall be entitled to the reimbursement of actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties. Members of the School Committee shall not be entitled to excluded expenses as defined by this rule.
Section 2. Actual and Necessary Expenses
Travel-vehicle use to and from official, government or industry sponsored events and activities that take place outside of the City of Everett; paring; airline or rail tickets; hotel accommodations; and automobile rental if associated with out-of-state travel. Accommodations for out-of-state travel under this section must receive prior approval from the President. Vehicle use under this section will be reimbursed in accordance with mileage use values established by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Conference fees- fees associated with the members attendance at a conference or summit relating to the members official government duties. Meals- reasonable food costs for member, excluding guests, incurred during travel as defined in subsection (a). Amount to be reimbursed under the subsection shall not exceed the per diem amounts as established by the United States General Services Administration (GSA). Phone- each member shall be entitled to a fifty dollar ($50) monthly reimbursement for the use of personal phones and phone lines in the course of their official duties. Internet- each member shall be entitled to a twenty-five dollar ($25) monthly reimbursement for the use of home internet in the course of their duties.
Section 3. Excluded Expenses
Excluded Expenses- shall include, but not be limited to the following expenses: alcohol; tobacco; any expenses outside of the member’s official duties or in furtherance of a political purpose; contributions or donations to charitable organizations; donations to political candidates or committees, office supplies that cannot be provided by the Everett Public schools; gifts; meals for non-member of the School Committee; advertisements containing the name and/or likeness of members of the School Committee outside of those required by law or used for a clear, articulated public purpose; and those expenses determined by the Chairman to be extravagant, excessive or not incurred in the performance of the member’s official duties.
Section 4. Procedure
Once appropriated, the amount established by the School Committee to be expended for expenses under this rule shall be equally divided by the number of members; no member shall be entitled to an amount in excess of the amount determined by this subsection or an amount in excess of any other member. Unused funds at the end of the fiscal year shall be returned in accordance with municipal finance laws. Members shall account for all actual and necessary expenses on an individual basis and submit for approval by the Chairman on a monthly basis. All expenses sought for reimbursement must be accompanied with appropriate documentation substantiating the expense to the member. No member shall submit more than one report of expenses to the Chairman each month. Once approved by the chairman and submitted to proper personal, a check will be issued to the member in accordance with applicable laws.