Central Administration

Everett Public Schools • 121 Vine Street, Everett MA 02149
Main Phone Number: 617-394-2400
Human Resources 610075
Budget Office 610032 or 610067
Special Education: 610061 or 610065
Office of Multilingual Learners; 610070
Communications: 610091
Data: 610052

Parent Information Center: 617-544-6955

Head shot, informal

K-8 Math and Science Director (Ext. 610070)

Formal head shot, outside, suit jacket and tie
Data Manager (Ext. 610052)

Special Education Department (Ext.)
School Psychologist: Peter Sturman (610035)
ABA Services Director: Ashley Lambresa
Coordinator of Elementary Special Education: Shareen Mustafa
Out of District Coordinator: James Parker (610018)
Administrative Assistants: Rose Holt (610065) and Dawn Pierce (610064)

The email addresses of EPS employees are the first letter of the person's first name, followed by their last name, and ending in: