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March 25, 2022


Four people standing, dressed as superheroes

Student Resource Officer Stephen Ramunno might have thought he had a leg up on the competition during this week’s Superhero Friday. That was before he walked into the Main Office and encountered three people who bear a striking resemblance to Linda Maloney, Kathy Fauci, and Rixy Reyes. They are a marvel, obviously.

Don’t be shy about sending us any of your Spirit Day photos!

Our next Jeans Day fundraiser is scheduled for Friday, April 1st. We are seeking donations to benefit the Avril Family, which has recently suffered a tragic loss and could greatly benefit from the compassion and generosity of the Everett Public Schools. Please make your $5 donation to your building’s administrative assistant, who can forward them to Lafayette School Principal David Brady.


Congratulations to the first EPS educator to complete a PDP coaching cycle with one of our SEI coaches!

Chrissy Agosto earned 15 PDPs for her participation in a coaching cycle with Marissa McQueeney. Mrs. Agosto set a goal “to better understand my role of co-teaching with an EL teacher in my 4th grade classroom and how to implement best practices for instructing my EL students along with her support.”

Working with a coach and her co-teacher, Morgan Myers, Mrs. Agosto used iReady data to inform student groups and select high interest texts at students’ independent reading levels. Mrs. Agosto incorporated SEI strategies including picture walks, pre-teaching academic vocabulary, and leveraging students’ funds of knowledge to provide equitable access to grade level content.

Click HERE for more information about coaching cycles.

Opportunities for EPS Staff

The EPS is committed to empowering our teachers to provide high quality professional development to their colleagues. We are looking for educators to develop courses to include in our 2022-2023 PD Course Catalog.  We are accepting applications from teachers and/or teacher teams for courses in the following topics:
  • Social Emotional Learning and Wellness Practices
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
  • Trauma Informed Teaching Practices
  • Special Education/Inclusion Practices
  • ESL/SEI Strategies
  • Writing Strategies
  • Student-to-student Discourse Strategies
  • Literacy Strategies
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices
  • Anti-Racist Teaching Practices
  • Math Strategies

Click HERE for more information and to fill out an application.

Testimonials from EPS teachers who led PD sessions in 2021-2022
This past fall I had the opportunity to create and lead a professional development course to EPS teachers about supporting newcomer ESL students. This opportunity was an amazing experience and enabled me to share my own knowledge and expertise with others. Furthermore, it was an amazing learning experience for myself as I gained a lot of new knowledge through the collaborative experience of this discussion based professional development. I was able to connect with many different educators across the district and hear both successes and areas where we can grow together. This supportive system of learning from one another while also gaining my own leadership experience felt very meaningful. I would highly recommend leading a professional development in EPS!" 
— Elizabeth Ross, Keverian School

"The opportunity to provide PD to Everett teachers really developed me professionally. I learned a lot from creating the presentations and curricula. All of the teachers were very willing to participate, and conveyed a lot of appreciation for the resources we shared with them. I really enjoyed the experience!"
— Kayla Dever, Keverian School


The EPS is pleased to announce that every educator in the district can select a premium subscription from a menu of online products such as Quizlet, Reading A-Z, Raz Plus, Edpuzzle, and Nearpod.

Click HERE to make your choice! Please fill out and submit the form by May 2, 2022.

All staff will continue to have access to Canvas, Kami, NewsELA, Peardeck and the curriculum products purchased by department heads and directors. Grade 1-3 teachers will continue to have access to SeeSaw.


In order to ensure the success of our teaching and learning programs, it is imperative to have teacher teams driving curriculum mapping, pacing and sequencing.  We invite you to apply for any of the curriculum aligning teams that will begin this summer. Teacher teams will work with content leaders in order to create district-wide resources that ensure equity across schools and classrooms for our students to access engaging, rigorous, and culturally responsive learning experiences that utilize high-quality curriculum.

Applicants for each project should send their letter of interest and resume to the designated content leader listed in the attachment included with this communication. The application deadline is April 8, 2022.

All of the opportunities and application information can be found on THIS document.


The EPS is pleased to continue its partnership with Bridgewater State University to offer educators the chance to earn a graduate certificate in ESL. The EPS has negotiated a greatly reduced cost for our teachers, which the district is further subsidizing  by 50%. The 12-credit program is 100% online and it includes an MTEL prep class and an MTEL voucher.

Click HERE for complete details.

Questions? Please email Maria Pineda.


The EPS has partnered with Endicott College to offer staff and educators the chance to enroll in a Pathway to Moderate Disability Licensure course. It is 100-percent online and includes an MTEL voucher and a Foundations of Reading MTEL Prep Class. There are two courses, one for PreK-8 licensure, the other for grades 9-12. Each course is 15-credits and includes four sections, two in the fall and two in the spring.

Grades 9-12

Questions? Please email Maria Pineda.
From the Department of English Learners

The EPS is pleased to offer another free and convenient language class from ROLA. An eight-week Introductory to Spanish course will begin on Monday, March 28th at Everett High School. Classes are held from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Signing up is easy! Simply contact Director of English Learners Brittany Hay by Sunday night, March 27th. Click HERE to learn more about ROLA’s acclaimed programs.

The district is planning to offer five cohorts of language classes for parents and guardians of EPS students. Classes will be offered from May through August, and we are seeking five educators to teach the following courses:
  • English Conversation Skills (Listening & Speaking Proficiency)
  • English Reading + Writing Proficiency 
  • English Level Two
  • English Career Advancement (Interview Skills, Resume Writing, Job Search Skills) 
  • English Technology Skills + Proficiency (Email Writing, Web Search, Online Resources, Google Products)

Click HERE for complete details.

From the Office of Human Resources


The Office of Human Resources has posted its Transcript Submission Form for any staff member who qualifies for salary increments pursuant to their individual contracts. 

This form is exclusively for teachers and staff who have completed all of the necessary coursework needed to receive a step increase in their salaries. If your transcript reflects updated credit hours that are short of the number required for a step increase, you do not need to submit them; please wait until you have the necessary number needed for a pay increase before completing the Transcript Submission Form.

This is the only way the Department of Human Resources accepts transcripts related to salary increments. Please do not email or mail them, or drop them off in person.

The City of Everett’s street sweeping program will start on Friday, April 1st. The city will ticket and  tow vehicles that are parked illegally during street sweeping, so all staff should be aware of this important change. Be sure to check all signs posted near your school buildings.


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