Staff Newsletter » January 18, 2022

January 18, 2022



The Everett Public Schools is pleased to offer an eWorkshop on the 2020 edition of the WIDA Frameworks to all k-12 teachers and instructional leaders. The eWorkshop is designed for educators and leaders who are responsible for language development within content learning and implementation of the ELD Standards Framework.  Participants will receive resources for using the ELD Standards Framework in instructional planning.  This eWorkshop will assist educators in using the ELD Standards Framework to identify and support language students will use to engage in content learning. Participants will explore how the ELD Standards Framework can support collaborative instructional planning.  This eWorkshop series will consist of three 1-hour webinars:

Webinar 1 — Introduction to the WIDA ELD Standards Framework
Webinar 2 — Language Focus in Content Units
Webinar 3 — Focus on Language in ActionLearning

Goals across the webinar series:

1. Leverage student assets to integrate a language focus into content units.
2. Identify and support language students will use throughout a series of unit activities.

More information on this webinar can be found HERE, including the many dates and times that the sessions are offered. Everett Public Schools will cover the cost of this training, but it does not fulfill the required 11 contractual hours of professional development. It can, however, count for PDPs. Click HERE for more information on PDPs. If interested, please email Brittany Hay, Director of English Learners, who will get you information about payment and registration. Once completed, you can submit this opportunity for PDPs HERE.


If you are an educator interested in leadership positions, the EPS is offering significant tuition assistance for the CAGS program at Salem State University.

The CAGS program supports candidates through coursework (nine core courses) and guided field work (practicum and seminar experiences), all aligned with theMassachusetts PAL Tasks required for principal/assistant principal licensure. Click HERE for details.


As part of the district’s effort to support educators and administrators in their completion of the PAL assessment and their pursuit of initial Principal/Assistant Principal Licensure, the EPS is establishing a Performance Assessment for Leaders (PAL) Review Team. The district is seeking individuals who have previously completed and passed all four tasks of the PAL assessment to join this Review Team.  

Click HERE for details.


As we prepare for the FY 2022-2023  budget cycle, Director of K-8 ELA & Literacy Genevieve McDonough is seeking your input on the learning materials  we will consider purchasing for next school year. This will help us be thoughtful and deliberate about what we order for educators, and to make sure that every dollar is being spent to the maximum benefit of our teachers and students.

Please fill out the survey HERE. Thanks in advance!


The EPS is seeking educators to staff our four-day Acceleration Academies during the February and April vacations. Staff will plan and deliver academic instruction to students, with set grade-specific academic standards and curricula from February 22-25 and April 19-22, 2022. Teachers will work with principals, assistant principals, and Department Heads to execute Acceleration Academy goals set by DESE and the EPS. 

Interested candidates in the K-8 math department should email their letter of interest and resume to the Director of STEM Rupi Kaur at [email protected]

Interested candidates in the K-8 ELA and Literacy department should email their letter of interest and resume to the Director of ELA and Literacy Genevieve McDonough at  [email protected]

Interested candidates in the 9-10 math department of Everett High School should email their letter of interest and resume to the Math Department Chair David Babineau at [email protected] 

Click HERE for more details.


The Everett Public Schools is honored to accept submissions for our Military Memorial in the Everett High School Library and the Vietnam Memorial on the first floor of EHS. If you want  to memorialize someone in your family who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, please send us a biography and a photograph and we will be certain to add it in the appropriate location. Materials should be emailed to Webster School Administrative Assistant Ella DiPrima.