Staff Newsletter » August 13, 2021

August 13, 2021


The Special Education Department is seeking applicants for the position of

Out of District Coordinator. This individual will be an EPS educator who assists the Director of Special Education in all duties necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the department. The Out of District Coordinator will oversee all aspects of students in outside placements as well as students transitioning into and out of the Everett Public Schools.


Complete details about this position and its stipend and responsibilities can be found at the top right of this page, under “Opportunities for EPS Educators.”


A reminder to teachers that there are two professional development opportunities beginning this month which we encourage you to consider. Each course is being led by EPS educators and will have an in-person option at Everett High School. Complete details and sign-up are available via your TeachPoint account.

Differentiation and Accommodation in Canvas (Designing for EL and Special Education Students) begins on August 24 and will be presented by Marissa McQueeney and Sandra Nilson. This 11-hour course will enable teachers to design their Canvas layout in an easy-to-navigate format, add multimedia to their courses, create assignments that assess student learning in a variety of ways, and assign differentiated tasks to individual students or groups of students. Participants can utilize hybrid and in-person options over the course of the five sessions.

Art Education in the Content Areas: Processes and Strategies in Contemporary Times is being presented by Keverian School art teacher Caroline DiCicco on Thursday, August 26 and Friday, August 27 at Everett High School. This 11-hour course will offer in-depth and hands-on professional development for educators in all subject areas. The workshop will detail processes and techniques in 2D and 3D media, as well as dynamic strategies to better serve our special education and EL populations.


The EPS is seeking eighth-grade teachers to join our Re-Imagining Migration effort. Participants will examine the cultural responsiveness and relevance of our eighth-grade Civics, ELA and ESL curricula and to create cross-disciplinary projects that engage our diverse learners. 

Complete details about this curriculum team, including the stipend, can be found at the top right of this page, under “Opportunities for EPS Educators.”


We are seeking current EPS teachers to serve on the EPS District Language Acquisition Team. Members of this team will support the learning of ELs by serving as a building-based liaison for the EL Director. Duties include tasks outside of the instructional school day. There are opportunities available at Everett High and the Keverian, Lafayette, Madeline English, Parlin, Webster, and Whittier schools, 

Complete details about this opportunity, including the stipend, can be found at the top right of this page, under “Opportunities for EPS Educators.”