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October 31, 2022

Spirit Day at the Madeline English School

Four adults standing

From left: Principal Theresa Triangle, Vice Principals John Sutera and Tiffany Boakye, and Administrative Assistant Linda Nazzaro. 


The Generosity of EPS Teachers and Staff!
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The EPS made a generous donation to the Immigrant Learning Center (ILC) through a Jeans Day Fundraiser the district held as part of its  Hispanic and LatinX Heritage Month Celebration. The ILC supports immigrant students and families with free citizenship and ESL classes and they continue to research best practices for immigrant families in Massachusetts. Above, ESL Director Brittany Hay is pictured with ESL Coordinators Melissa Browne, Alyssa Allen, Olivia Cifrino, and Elizabeth Ross, and ILC Director of Development Mark Correia.

Better Together!
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Everett Public Schools Community Engagement Manager Jeanette Velez and Family Liaison David Capera Sanchez attended the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Better Together Strengthening Family School Partnership Summit on Friday, October 28th. Ms. Velez appeared on a panel for the workshop, “The Wonderful World of Our Family Liaisons".



The Everett Public Schools is committed to increasing the trauma-informed services we provide to students, families and our educators and staff members. To that end,  the Student Services/SELWELL department, in partnership with the Art Department, is interested in planning and implementing supportive Staff Wellness activities in 2022-2023. 

As a first step, we're looking for feedback regarding the types of Wellness activities you have experienced at EPS, as well as the activities you would like to see brought into the district.

Please take a few minutes to share your feedback with us!

Click HERE to complete the survey.


November 4th and November 10th

The EPS will hold Jeans Day Fundraisers on Friday, November 4th and Thursday, November 10th to benefit two remarkable members of our community:

November 4th — To benefit Magaly Aguilar, a young student at the Webster Extension. Please make your $5 donation to your building’s Administrative Assistant, and all collections should be forwarded to Webster Extension Head Teacher Jessyca Redler.

November 10th — To benefit Lafayette and Everett High School graduate Alex Urquiza. Please make your $5 donation to your building’s Administrative Assistant, and all collections should be forwarded to Shelanda Irish at the Whittier School.

Magaly Aguilar is a spirited, adorable four year old preschooler attending the Webster Extension Preschool, who received a diagnosis of retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye, over a year ago. Magaly was fitted with a prosthetic left eye in June 2021 and, unfortunately, her family recently received news that the cancer has spread to her right eye and Magaly is again resuming treatments to treat the cancer. Magaly is home at the time, as her immune system is compromised due to medical treatments, including chemotherapy. Magaly’s strong spirit endures, but as one can only imagine, it is a very difficult time for Magaly and her family in many ways, including financially, as medical expenses mount. As Magaly’s family navigates this difficult and uncertain journey, we would like to help them by asking for community members to contribute $5 for jeans day to assist the family in this difficult time.

Alex is in the process/waiting to be listed for a double lung transplant. As you may know, his Cystic Fibrosis (CF) has progressed aggressively and quickly. His lung function is currently at 19% and he is on supplemental oxygen all day, just to be able to breathe. This decision wasn’t made lightly, there are a lot of risks but if it happens and it all goes well then he will have a second chance at life. Where he’ll be able to walk to the restroom without feeling like he’s running out of oxygen, go out with family and friends, and most importantly be a part and present in the lives of our nieces’ and nephews’. He wants nothing more than to be able to play catch and run around with them and be the fun uncle he was meant to be. Many of you know Alex, you know he’s a jokester, an overall great human being who got the short straw in life but with these new lungs, he’ll have a better quality of life. As his sister and someone who also has CF, I am always in awe of his perseverance and his will to keep fighting. He’s not only my brother but my best friend and I want nothing more than to see him have the quality of life he deserves. CF is a tricky, sneak up on you kinda disease, and with his lung function already so low, his best shot of living, is getting new lungs. As of now it’s looking like his transplant might be taking place out of state with that comes many expenses that my family and I just can’t cover on our own and there’s only so much insurance will cover as well. We would very much appreciate a donation of any amount, a little goes a long way,  if you can’t that’s okay, a share of his link would be great. We cannot thank you enough! We have all our fingers and toes cross


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