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April 8, 2023

Message from the Superintendent

Our office received a phone call earlier this week that I want to share because it sums up the work all of you do each and every day.  

The call came from a parent about her child. She simply wanted to say thank you for the huge impact the EPS is making on her student’s life. It proves that simple words can be the most powerful and uplifting.

She wanted us to know that her student is making tremendous strides. She wanted us to know that his confidence is growing. She wanted us to know that he is healthier and happier. Her thanks extended throughout the school–school leaders, teachers, specialists, custodians, afterschool providers, guidance counselors…. Everyone, she said, is “doing an awesome job.”

Indeed, you are all doing an awesome job. Thank you for everything that you do each and every day to ensure that our students are happy, healthy, and successful.  Have a great holiday weekend!

- Priya Tahiliani

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Group of teachers, standing

A Profile in Encouragement 

The Madeline English School fifth-grade team wore matching T-shirts on the first day of MCAS testing. The shirts read — Test Day, No Prob Llama. From left: Arianna Erban, Ashley Ferchak, Jennifer Ankiewicz, Lindsey Barbash, and Lisa Morello.

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Common Planning Time!

The Everett Public Schools and the Everett Teachers Association are assembling a team of Teachers to participate in a joint committee with EPS Leadership and ETA members to revise and update the approved lesson and unit plan templates.  To join the committee, please email Anne Auger at [email protected] and Kim Auger at [email protected]

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Crimson Tide Softball Fundraiser

Looking for Everett Crimson Tide gear and a way to help the High School Softball program raise funds at the same time? Order items with players’ names or “E” and “Crimson Tide” gear. All sales benefit our players!
Click HERE to order.

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Contribute to the Superintendent’s Update!

Do you have something you want shared in the Superintendent's Update or on social media (with the permission of students)? Send it our way! Any highlights, success stories, initiatives, programs, etc., that you want the community to know about — please share it with us. Email [email protected] any time, and we can work together to make sure the news receives the attention it deserves. *
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Opportunities for Staff



The Everett Public Schools proudly sponsors Latino staff to participate in Latino for Education's Latinx Teachers' Fellowship and Aspiring Latino Leader Fellowship. Latinos for Education's mission is "to develop, place and connect essential Latino leaders in the education sector. We are building an ecosystem of Latino advocates by infusing Latino talent into positions of influence." This year, the district sponsored Dr. Gladys Valle's participation in the Aspiring Latino Leader Fellowship. We hope to provide this opportunity for others.

For more information, please email Director of English Learners Brittany Bagget or download THIS FLIER.


The Curriculum Team has developed THIS SURVEY to help produce the 2023-2023 Professional Development Catalog. Please give us your thoughts so we can plan relevant and engaging offerings for all teachers across all grade levels and subject areas.


Additionally, we are calling on teachers and staff to serve on our volunteer professional development committee. This group’s objective is to develop the course offerings for the 23-24 catalog based on teacher feedback, district-wide initiatives, student performance indicators, and innovative training opportunities that align with the district’s instructional mission and vision and/or culturally and linguistically responsive practices. The group will meet about 4 times via zoom and there will also be asynchronous work.

Meetings will be held via Zoom from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on four consecutive Mondays —
May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, and May 22nd.

To join the professional development committee, please email Genevieve McDonough at [email protected] and Rupi Kaur at [email protected] by April 24th.


Click HERE for complete details.


One of the several mentorship opportunities that we will be providing for next year is through our partnership with JET.  JET is seeking qualified, committed candidates to serve as Mentors for its Mentor Program. Mentors support, document and enhance the academic and professional learning journey of participants in the JET program. JET, which stands for Journey Into Education & Teaching, helps launch paraprofessionals into teaching careers.

Applicants should email a resume and cover letter to [email protected] by April 28, 2023.

Click HERE for complete details.  


Teacher Marena MacLaughlin has developed a quick survey that will help the EPS create scaffolded curriculum templates and common assessments and rubrics to aid in Social Studies instruction. This work is being done in partnership with the 5DP.  Please take a moment to help us with this important work. The survey is for teachers in Grades PreK through 6.

Click HERE to complete the survey!


The Curriculum Team is seeking teachers to join the Math and Literacy Family Night Planning Committee. Team members will support the STEM Director and the ELA/Literacy Director in planning and executing a district-wide Math and Literacy Family Night. The planning committee will reach out to vendors, organize event activities, complete community and family outreach, and help coordinate the event. 

Click HERE for complete details.


The Everett Public Schools is offering 5 cohorts of ESL classes for parents and guardians of ELs who attend Everett Public Schools. The classes will run from May-August of 2023. We are seeking enthusiastic teachers to facilitate meaningful learning experiences in the following content areas:

  • English Conversation Skills (Listening & Speaking Proficiency)
  • English Reading + Writing Proficiency 
  • English Level Two
  • English Career Advancement (Interview Skills, Resume Writing, Job Search Skills) 
  • English Technology Skills + Proficiency (Email Writing, Web Search, Online Resources, Google Products)
Click HERE for complete details.
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A star imprint in sand

Summer 2023

Opportunities from the Office of Extended Learning

The Office of Extended Learning is planning a robust line up of summer offerings for EPS students. As always, we are looking for our teachers and staff to make this programming a reality! Included here are brief summaries with links to the complete job descriptions.


The Summer Adventure Academy is a re-imagining of the summer school model. It aims to re-engage students who may have struggled academically, socially, emotionally, or otherwise during the school year by providing them with hands-on, project based, student centered academic and enrichment opportunities. The program will enroll up to 120 students per Academy, with class sizes limited to no more than 15 students per grade level. Programming will take place July 5th-August 4th, 2023. We have 2 types of positions available:


Academic Teachers will provide grade level instruction with a focus on innovative, collaborative, project based curriculum. This role is for certified K-8 teachers who will work 8am-1pm creating unique and engaging learning experiences tied to curriculum standards. 


Enrichment Teachers will support our summer programming by providing students with a menu of activities including but not limited to sports, art, dance, robotics, cooking, fitness, technology, etc. as part of our extended day programming.

Guidance Counselors to support the Office of Extended Learning by providing individual and group counseling services to students in one of four K-8 EPS campuses. 



The EPS is seeking enthusiastic and qualified Special Education staff to teach and lead various summer programs being offered by the Special Education Department. These include teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists, instructors, tutors, and therapists. We are offering an Extended School Year program for students in grades PreK-8, the Everett Academy of Students Enrichment for Life Skills (EASELS) program for 9-12 graders, and a program at the Devens School. Complete details are below.


Extended School Year: PreK-8

Devens School Program


Transition to New Phone & Speaker System
Everett Public Schools is pleased to announce that we have made the strategic decision to move away from our existing phone system to Zoom Phone. In an effort to provide enhanced communication district wide, we are transitioning to one comprehensive system. 

This will improve our ability to host conference calls with families with a recognizable school phone number, ensuring that all classrooms and school spaces have a new phone that traces their physical location to enhance 911 safety measures as well as preserving additional functionalities for future use.

We are sure that the upgraded communication system will completely transform the way you communicate today!

Please note that we are working diligently with our providers to ensure that the Cutover Day is seamless; however, once the system is fully transitioned, old voicemails cannot be carried over.  Please begin to review your voicemail and take note of any important voicemail messages.

We will provide additional communication regarding updates and the scheduled migration date for your school, but please contact your school leader in the meantime.
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