Technology Newsletter » November 9, 2020

November 9, 2020

  • Are you feeling that even with translation platforms like Dojo and Google Translate, your messages to low-English proficiency parents and students may not be fully understood? Check out the Tips for Translation PowerPoint developed by Medford Public Schools HERE and learn more about how to enhance your translated communication.  

  • Love Google Translate but hate that it removes the cute formatting from all of your documents and slideshows? Try DeepL Translator instead! This program converts Word docs and PowerPoint files to Spanish or Brazilian-Portuguese for students. It preserves the formatting of those documents so they can access the material in their L1 and then use that knowledge to support their understanding of the English worksheet, reference sheet, or slides. The process is quicker than using an add-on to translate Google Slides. The PowerPoint files it exports are locked for editing, but they can be edited by opening them in Google Slides. Try it out HERE.

  • Save time on creating assessments by using Quizizz!  Quizizz is a free platform on which you can search for, reuse, and even edit premade quizzes for all subjects. You can either assign your quiz as a homework or test assignment, or engage your class in a fun Kahoot-like review game!  For a brief tutorial on how to use Quizizz, click HERE.

  • Reading lessons in English and Spanish available on Footsteps2Brilliance. If you are working with young Spanish-speakers on literacy skills, check out Footsteps2Brilliance’s instructional videos in Spanish HERE, and assign the link to a specific video directly to the student via Google Classroom.
Have a tech question? Or want to share any tech advice, tips or tricks that may be useful for your colleagues? Post it now on the Virtual Staff Room located on top left of the EPS Virtual Learning website’s home screen. This is a space for all of us to help support each other as we navigate digital education.    
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