Technology Newsletter » October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020

If your students (or even parents) are having difficulty navigating Clever and their schedules, try organizing your Clever page with customized categories and icons. For a video tutorial on how to add categories and upload personalized icon images, click HERE.
Are you looking for a new, interesting way to engage your students at the start of any class? Try out Google Earth’s 15-minute Passport activities!  Aligned with CCSS standards for grades 4 through 8, these short lessons take students on a journey around the world using the Google Earth platform, as they explore concepts related to ELA, math, science, social studies, and geography.   

Important note: Though these lessons are aligned with grades 4 through 8 standards, they could easily be modified to accommodate younger or older learners as well.
Using the Seesaw online learning platform with younger learners or for those with learning difficulties. As I’m sure many of our elementary and special education teachers have now realized, getting younger students or those with learning challenges to complete and submit work virtually is tough! Seesaw, however, can make this process much easier with its easy-to-navigate interface and student tools that allow learners to show their work by taking pictures of, recording answers to, and drawing directly on assignments. For more information on how to use Seesaw, click HERE to check out the new “Seesaw” page on the EPS Virtual Learning website for some brief video tutorials. 
Interested in learning more about how to RAZ-Plus to track student progress? Join a Reading A-Z expert on October 29, 2020 at 1pm for a new training session called “Using RAZ Plus Data and Running Records”. In this workshop you will learn:
    • How to choose and assign appropriate assessment resources for your students
    • How to score and evaluate student assessments
    • How to use the assessment information to begin assigning resources
Register for the training session HERE.
Have a tech question? Or want to share any tech advice, tips or tricks that may be useful for your colleagues? Post it now on the Virtual Staff Room located on top left of the EPS Virtual Learning website’s home screen. This is a space for all of us to help support each other as we navigate digital education.