Technology Newsletter » November 2, 2020

November 2, 2020

November 2, 2020

If you are working with students who have learning challenges, check out these great, FREE Chrome extensions to help support them with online learning!
  • Talking Calculator: reads numbers and symbols
  • Speak It: reads highlighted text
  • Chrome Speak: reads highlighted text
  • DictaNote-Speech to Text tool: writes down what is spoken
  • Chrome AT Toolbar: provides an accessibility toolbar
  • Google Dictionary: gives definition for any double-clicked word
    Typing Club: online typing tutor
Have you checked out Brainpop ELL yet?  Learn how to take advantage of all of this program’s fabulous features in the new Brainpop ELL tutorial created by VLL, David Green. You can find it HERE on the EPS Virtual Learning website.
Having students do online research? If so, you may find that some of their internet searches could be turning up inappropriate material. To continue to encourage safe, online researching skills, try having them use a student-friendly, ad-free search engine. Click HERE for a list!
Take a tech brain break! If you and your students are feeling a bit sluggish or even exhausted after sitting in front of your devices for hours, try taking a quick tech break for some renewed energy.  GoNoodle offers great videos for quick physical activities and mindfulness practice.  As an added bonus, it also integrates with Clever!
Have a tech question? Or want to share any tech advice, tips or tricks that may be useful for your colleagues? Post it now on the Virtual Staff Room located on top left of the EPS Virtual Learning website’s home screen. This is a space for all of us to help support each other as we navigate digital education.    

The webinar “Inequity Is Not an Option: Urgent Next Steps in Leading for Equitable Instruction,” will be held today —  Monday, November 2 at 6:30 p.m. 
Register HERE

Leading for equity is, first and foremost, a pedagogical endeavor. It also necessitates creating school cultures built on trust and a shared commitment to disrupting inequitable policies and practices. The third in our popular Breakthrough Leadership webinar series, Inequity Is Not an Option zeros in on providing access to high quality curriculum, instruction, and assessment with particular emphasis on serving historically underserved student populations. Teacher leaders as well as school and district administrators are encouraged to attend.

Topics to be addressed include:
• Culturally responsive teaching to promote student agency
• Social Emotional Learning that prioritizes educational equity
• Closing the digital divide
• Strengthening distance and blended learning
• Trauma informed practice through the lens of equity

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