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Do you like to keep all of your tabs open during work just to make sure that you don’t lose or forget how to navigate to all of those important sites? But at the end of the day, would you like to be able to close them all and start fresh at another time?  Luckily, Google Chrome has made it easy for you to save all of those open work tabs so that you can open them again at a later time-like the next day. To learn how, click HERE.

Easily split your screen on your district-provided Macbook! To learn how to evenly  divide your screen between two or more windows without the hassle of manually sizing them, check out THIS tutorial.

Amp up participation and excitement in your class by using the “Spinning Wheel of Names” to help you randomly select students for anything from classroom “jobs” to answering questions during a Zoom session! Click HERE, enter a student’s name, and click to spin the wheel.

Have a tech question? Or want to share any tech advice, tips or tricks that may be useful for your colleagues? Post it now on the Virtual Staff Room located on top left of the EPS Virtual Learning website’s home screen. This is a space for all of us to help support each other as we navigate digital education.