Forms & Policies » Reporting Absences PreK-8

Reporting Absences PreK-8

Parents should make every reasonable effort to communicate with the school when a child is absent by calling the school before 8:00 a.m., the start of the school day. The following information should be provided:
  • The name of the person calling and relationship to the student;
  • The student’s name, address, grade and room number.

The telephone numbers for reporting absences are as follows:
  • Adams: 617-544-6092
  • English: 617-394-5013
  • Keverian: 617-394-5020
  • Lafayette: 617-394-2450
  • Parlin: 617-394-2480
  • Webster: 617-394-5040
  • Webster Extension: 617-544-6990
  • Whittier: 617-394-2410
On the day that a student returns to school after having been absent, the student’s parent must send a written note, signed by the parent, stating the date and reason for the absence. Written notes are required for all student absences, tardiness and dismissals. The schools shall retain all notes and consider them integral to student records.
Enforcement of Attendance Policy: The Everett Public Schools employs a Supervisor of Attendance. The Supervisor has the lawful power to apprehend and take to school any minor child who is truant and to investigate all cases where a child in the public schools fails to attend school.

A petition, known as “CRA petition” (Child Requiring Assistance), may be filed by the school district if a minor child persistently and willfully fails to attend school.  The court has the authority to remove the child from the parents and to place the child into the custody of the state Department of Children and Families. A report known as a “51A report” may be filed against parents on behalf of any child for educational neglect if a child is not attending school on a regular basis.