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Using LionBridge


The Everett Public Schools utilizes LionBridge to provide telephonic (over-the-phone) interpretation services to schools and central office departments. This on-demand telephone interpreting system provides access to over 350 languages to support communication of “Essential Information” to the parents/guardians of EPS students.  

Whenever possible, teachers and staff must utilize the translation features available on communication platforms such as Class Dojo, Remind, and Google Translate for written translation and communication needs.  



How to use LionBridge 


Step 1:   Dial 800-444-6627

Step 2:  Enter Appropriate PIN: 3205-8889 (Specific for the Devens)

Step 3:   Enter your employee ID # 

Step 4 :  Select Language by following prompts


Then you will be connected to an interpreter.

 Everett Public
Schools Interpretation & Translation Services

Staff members should ALWAYS check the “Needs Translation” field in x2 before any family outreach to see if translation/interpretation is required.  Please note, many families in Everett have a home language other than English noted on x2, however do NOT require the services below, and should be contacted in English.