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New Teacher Development

EPS Faculty collaborate within grade level, content and academy teams frequently during common planning time, data meetings and professional development.  This built-in support provides Teacher Candidates access to expertise and mentorship.

More than a quarter of our approximately 7,000 students are English Learners. More than 59% of our students are Hispanic, and 15% are African American. To best support them, the EPS needs to attract  culturally, racially, and linguistically diverse educators. We prioritize establishing the climate, supports, and systems that makes the EPS a rewarding and long-term destination for talented teachers.

Data-driven decision making is at the forefront of the EPS  process at every turn: from data meetings where teachers are using literacy data to create targeted intervention groups, to selecting an after school program for STEM enrichment.  EPS collects all available assessments, surveys to develop creative and innovative solutions that respond to the diverse needs of our community.