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January 24, 2024


A woman on stage, presenting to students in front of a large screen

Gabby Rivera speaks to Everett High students on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Bringing Joy to Everett High
Author Gabby Rivera Delivers an Inspirational Talk to EHS Students
Gabby Rivera, an author, inspirational speaker, and LGBTQ youth advocate, spoke to Everett High School (EHS) students on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. She presented to EHS Art, English Language Arts, and English Learner students as part of a year-long guest artist and speaker series led by K-12 Art Coordinator Cari DiCicco and Library Coordinator Mary Puleo.

Rivera is the writer and the author of "America," a comic book series that tells the story of America Chavez, Marvel's first LGBTQ Latina superhero. Rivera’s debut novel, “Juliet Takes a Breath,” received wide acclaim and was republished by Penguin Random House in 2019. She is also the host of a podcast called "Joy Revolution."

With passion, honesty, and humor, Rivera talked about growing up in the Bronx and the “radical creativity” that she brings to her writing and career. She frankly discussed the personal and emotional challenges she endured and eventually overcame, stressing that “joy” has been the most prominent force in her life. 

She also spoke eloquently about her family, the “power in elders,” and the importance of one’s origin story. Thanks to the EHS-TV Studio, Rivera presented on the stage inside the EHS Auditorium, in the style of a TED Talk — an intimate in-person setting juxtaposed by a large screen where she could project images of her life and writings. At the conclusion of her presentation, she took questions from the students and signed copies of her books inside the EHS Library. 

Click HERE for more photos of Rivera’s presentation.
A group of students with a mascot dressed like a blue dog
i-Ready Mascot Visits the Whittier School
Students Say Hello to Snargg!
The i-Ready mascot Snargg, described by the company as a “blue skinned alien dog with sharp and pointy teeth,” brought nothing but smiles to the Whittier School on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Snargg was on hand to encourage students to do their very best on the mid-year i-Ready diagnostic assessment. Teachers across the district have been working hard to prepare the students for the current round of i-Ready formative assessments, which track student growth at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.
Students and staff posing with Snargg, a blue alien dog mascot

Students engaged in a science experiment using a heat lamp
Weathering and Erosion by Ice
A 7th-Grade Project at the Whittier
Whittier School seventh graders recently completed a core educational unit on weathering and erosion that combined vocabulary, research, lab work, collaboration, and experimentation. The multifaceted project was directed by teacher Deanna Kysilovsky and is reflective of the creative and effective ways Everett Public Schools (EPS) educators are teaching core science concepts to middle school students. 

Ms. Kysilovsky started the unit by introducing the concepts of weathering, erosion, and deposition. Students reviewed relevant vocabulary words and identified and described specific scientific situations. The students then began thinking about how water affects rocks as it thaws and freezes

Students collaborated in groups to brainstorm ideas about potential impacts on the rocks. After a whole group discussion, the students concluded that when water freezes on the side of a mountain, on a cliff, or inside a rock, the water expands; after this process is repeated several times, it causes the rock to break into tiny pieces.  

To help students visualize this process, Ms. Kysilovsky led an ice lab that featured a heat lamp, sand, ice rock, and a tray — allowing the students to see the melting process begin and unfold.

During the experiment, the ice represented a glacier, and the sand represented the Earth’s landforms. The heat lamp emitted heat energy and melted the glacier, causing a deposition of the sediments. Students observed the glacier as it started to change the shape of Earth’s surface because, as the glacier melts, it weathers the land. Erosion occurs when the glacier melts and the rocks and sediment are carried to new locations. The movement of the glacier melting creates new landforms, and the shifting sand creates new, isolated hills and islands.

When the experiment concluded, students could identify the reason why Earth’s surface is impacted and how it is impacted by the thawing of ice. Students described their observations in writing and concluded that the heat energy caused the glacier to break down and create new landforms like lakes and valleys.
Students engaged in a science experiment
Informal group photo of students next to a student-made mosaic of Dr. King
Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Whittier Students Create Mosaic
In recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Whittier School seventh graders created a mosaic featuring quotes from Dr. King’s timeless “I Have a Dream” speech. The students analyzed and paraphrased the quotations to determine personal meaning and significance.
Group photo, adults standing at a head table, smiling

Zion Church Ministries Dr. MLK Day Breakfast
The Everett Public Schools (EPS) was well-represented at the annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Scholarship Breakfast, held January 15, 2024, at the Connolly Center. From left: Everett High guidance counselor Kelley Buonopane, Keverian School Principal Alex Naumann, School Committee member Robin Babcock, Superintendent William Hart, School Committee member Samantha Hurley, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, EPS Music Coordinator Eugene O’Brien, and EPS Choir Director Corey Crofoot. Not pictured is 2024 Scholarship recipient and EHS senior Lilian Odiari. 

Students standing with Santa Claus

Thanks Again to the Kiwanis Club
Holiday Luncheon a Big Success as Always!
Students in Everett High School’s Life Skills Class are pictured at this year’s Kiwanis Holiday Luncheon inside the Crimson Café. Thanks to the Kiwanis for its continued support and the Culinary Arts Department for preparing and serving a delicious lunch.