Curriculum and Instruction

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Mission Statement: Teachers have high expectations for all Students

Vision Statement

  • All lessons are driven by on-grade-level standards

  • All students have access to grade-level content by teachers providing just-in-time scaffolds

  • During a lesson, teachers continually collect and monitor student responses to
    formative assessments and adjust instruction in order to be inclusive and equitable

  • Increase student participation and metacognition by limiting consecutive
    teacher-led/lecture style instruction to roughly 10 minutes per lesson

Curriculum Review Manual 
Everett Public Schools seeks to adopt curriculum through collaborative, data-driven processes with multiple stakeholders and perspectives.  We believe in the constant reflection of curriculum materials through a robust, six year cycle during which homegrown and purchased materials are evaluated and tested against multiple measures.  

We believe in research and expertise when adopting, revising, and changing curriculum.  We also believe in providing our Educators with the curricular resources necessary to increase time on learning and to maximize teacher preparation time.  We are constantly investigating ways to make lesson planning more efficient for our teachers.  This may require additional investments in professional development with curriculum providers, extension materials, teacher manuals, virtual accounts, and shared lesson plans.

Formative Assessment Manual
A comprehensive formative assessment system to inform instruction in Reading and Mathematics


The 2021-2022 Professional Development Catalog is available for your review and enrollment on your Teachpoint account. The courses were developed with a joint committee of teachers and administrators. The course catalog contains several options taught by our very own EPS experts.
Courses are first come, first serve. The courses available feature in person, virtual, and hybrid options. Please note that several courses will be held over the summer, while others take place during the afternoons and weekends of the 2021-2022 school year.
All course information and enrollment will take place in Teachpoint. To access the catalog, sign into Teachpoint and click the graduation cap icon on the left.  Then, click on "Available Events" at the top, and make sure the drop down menu on the left is set to "Upcoming Events."  To enroll in a course, simply click "Enroll" on the expanded course window. You can also link to the TeachPoint login page under the "Teachers & Staff" menu at the top of the EPS website.