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What Parents/Guardians Should Do During an Emergency

In the event of a school emergency, parents and families can support the district and their student(s) by remaining calm and waiting for accurate information to be sent through the district's phone messaging system. The message will provide as much detail as is available at the time. Additional messages will be sent alerting families to what is taking place and next steps. The district's website will also be used to communicate information. 

Though it is natural for you as a parent or caretaker to want to come to the school or call the school during an emergency, we encourage you to support the district by doing the following: 

Please do not come to the school
We understand your desire to go to the school and the need to see your child, especially in a situation that feels scary. However, arriving at the scene before it is secure can interfere with the emergency response and puts you in danger. Past school emergencies have shown that one of the greatest challenges is how to manage the number of parents and concerned citizens rushing to the scene. By rushing to the school, parents can unintentionally create traffic jams that may block emergency responders from getting to the school or leaving if necessary to transport injured students or staff to emergency medical facilities. Families should not come to the school to pick up their student unless given the direction to do so from the district. 

Please do not call the school  
We ask that families do not call the school. This allows phone lines to stay open for communication with emergency personnel and school officials. It also helps school staff to remain focused on the safety of their students. The school and District will ensure information is shared via our phone messaging system and the EPS website. If a student is injured, the families of those children will be notified directly.  

If your child texts or calls you, please keep them calm
We know that during a school emergency many of our students will try to call or text their parent or guardian. If this occurs, we ask that you stay calm and reassure your student. Encourage your student to follow the directions of school staff. To prevent confusion or added safety risks, ask them to turn off their cell phone and refrain from using social media. 

Make sure your contact information and all emergency contact information is accurate and updated
The district will alert families when there is an emergency situation at a school. Please make sure your emergency contact information is always up to date with the staff in the main office at your child's school. In the event of a serious emergency, all emergency contacts will be called. Please make sure the emergency contacts you have listed for your child are up to date and they understand the district's procedures.

Also, please make sure all individuals know they are listed as an emergency contact.