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School Resource Officers

Through a partnership with our local law enforcement agencies, four police officers are assigned to be within EPS daily. They have an office and are stationed at Everett High School.  Each officer is assigned to support with other schools in the district. These officers support school safety and, when necessary, directly address student/community issues. Our School Resource Officers work hard to integrate themselves into the communities of their schools so that their presence feels helpful and supportive to both students and staff.

Law Enforcement Access to Schools 

Everett Public Schools encourages our local law enforcement officers to visit our schools. Often, the public may see a vehicle sitting outside of one of our schools or in a parking lot. This is not necessarily due to a problem at school. Rather, local law enforcement often uses our locations as stopping points to conduct their daily duties. Additionally, Everett Police Department has key access to all schools in the district, in the event that they ever need quick access during an emergency event.