Photo Album

Student Artwork: 2022-2023 School Year

Painting, trees and roots and a big colorful sky
Student artwork, portrait, black and white
Student artwork, multiple winter scenes
Closeup of a student working on a piece of artwork
Student artwork, circular design with four different outdoor scenes
Two students admire a black and white flower drawing
a black and white flower drawing
a black and white flower drawing
Student artwork, lollipops in different colors
A student works on a portrait, photo taken over artist's right shoulder, looking at the canvas
A wall featuring student artwork
A painting, winterscape
A gingerbread house
A case filled with sculptures of homes
Student artwork, drawings on the end of popsicle sticks
A wall of cityscapes by students, vibrant and colorful
A mask, tiger design
painting, forrest
Black and white artwork, a temple and a wooden walkway
Black and white artwork, trees and mountain
A close-cropped photo of a tree on a computer screen
Painting, tree in bloom, mountain in the background