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May 20, 2024

EHS Scholarship Presentation Night
STEM Club students, posed photo, wearing red T-shirts,
The EHS STEM CLUB — Back row, from left: Dr. Anna Seiders, Gurkiran Kaur, Randy Cruz Villanueva, Jefferson Carballo Morales, Anthony Masucci, Berlens Beaubrun, Vinicius Correa, Donart Maksutaj, Michael Lemus Solis, and Dr. Christopher Backlund. Front row, from left: Brianna Del Orbe, Kirtsy Hall, Romy Ortiz Romero, Makenzie Powers, Alexander Angulo, and Kelly St. Fort.
EHS STEM Club Competes in Ten80 Event
Competition Takes Students to the Famed Charlotte Motor Speedway
The Everett High School (EHS) STEM Club traveled to the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina to compete in the Ten80 Student Racing Competition and the Ten80 Automated Vehicle Competition, a two-day event defined by innovation in motion featuring students from around the country.

EHS fielded two teams (14 students total) in the multi-event competition on April 26, 2024, giving students a high-visibility chance to showcase their engineering, robotics, public speaking, and graphic design skills. Even better, the famed Charlotte Motor Speedway served as the backdrop for the students to race their remote-control and electric-powered cars and promote their racing teams. 

“These students have worked so hard over the past several weeks and been so resilient,” said Dr. Anna Seiders, who co-advises the STEM Club with Dr. Christopher Backlund. “What they have accomplished in a short time, other teams spend years doing.” 

The competition featured teams from around the country and as far away as China. Both of Everett’s two teams finished in the Top 10 overall standings. EHS finished first in the Graphic Design category and second in Robotics.  

“The students cheered on other teams regardless of their results,” Dr. Seiders said. “They cheered extra loud for our international friends from China; when they won, it sounded like we won! They were so selfless in their cheering and encouragement. When other teams needed help, they would drop their project to go help, they traded parts with other teams, and formed friendships with various groups of students.” 

The STEM Club will be recognized by the Everett School Committee during its Regular Meeting on Monday, May 20, 2024.
Group photo, students and teachers at a STEM event, inside a large track and field center

THE EHS TEAM — From left: Dr. Christopher Backlund, Junior Gisselle Beltran Gonzalez, Junior Abegail Musto,

Senior Kirtsy Hall, Sophomore Josue Lara, Senior Nilabhro Pal, Senior Fausto Paniagua, Senior Emerson Pineda Chacon, Senior Sushant Shrestha, Sophomore Gabriel Portillo Flores, and Dr. Anna Seiders.
Applied Science!
EHS Students Showcase their Work to Industry Leaders
Everett High School (EHS) STEM Academy students had the prestigious honor of displaying and discussing their work at the Massachusetts Applied Learning Showcase at the TRACK at new balance on Friday, May 10, 2024.

Nearly 1,000 students and 400 industry partners gathered to celebrate innovative work and creative ideas. Everett’s students discussed their team projects with STEM professionals and received real-world, applicable feedback. Three groups from Dr. Anna Seiders' Engineering Design and Development capstone course presented their senior projects. A fourth group, students in Dr. Seiders’ Principles of Engineering and Civil Engineering and Architecture class, also participated.  

Highlights included:
  • Seniors Kirtsy Hall and Gurkiran Kaur presented their capstone project. The pair developed a solution to reduce micropipette tip waste, a problem they first thought about in an EHS biotechnology class. Their invention was modeled on a salad spinner that included a part made with a 3D printer; the device holds micropipette tips, which are cleaned by a spinning device and bleach solution.

  • Seniors Nilabhro Pal, Emerson Pineda Chacon, and Fausto Paniagua presented their work on making biodegradable golf balls. They designed a kit that would allow golfers to make golf balls out of 100% biodegradable materials. 

  • Seniors Sushant Shrestha and Simran Tamang identified air pollution in Nepal as a serious problem that affects the daily lives of residents, in the form of increased asthma and lung-related health problems. In response, they developed a window screen that uses activated carbon to help reduce the air particles passing through a window. This, in turn, decreases exposure to harmful PM2.5 particles.

  • Sophomores Gabriel Flores and Josue Lara showcased the robot they made during a Project Lead The Way Principles of Engineering course. Participating students were tasked with creating a robot to compete against other robots in tug-of-war. Gabriel and Josue’s robot has proven tough to beat, as it pulls approximately 20 Newtons and can drag a heavy backpack across the ground. 
Large group photo at Gillette Stadium, students and staff, end zone view, looking towards a large scoreboard
Marketing Students Head to Gillette Stadium
Students Make Presentations to Patriot ‘Hall’ Executives
Students in Everett High’s Career and Technical Education Marketing Pathway presented at the 2024 “Marketing and the Hall Exhibit” at the New England Patriots Hall of Fame at Gillette Stadium. 

Prior to the event, participating students had to “decode” five marketing scenarios, one each centered around the FIFA World Cup, the New England Revolution, the New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium Concerts, and the Patriot Place shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. For example, one scenario asked students to develop strategies to increase “teen presence” at Patriot Place shops and restaurants. Another asked students to help drive lagging ticket sales for the third musical concert in a three-show booking at Gillette Stadium.

 Working in groups, students in grades 10-12 developed marketing strategies for one of the scenarios, giving them the chance to develop ideas on promotions, advertising, merchandising, and outreach. They delivered their presentations to members of the Patriots Hall of Fame marketing team.  

“The [Hall of Fame] marketing coordinator said our students delivered the best high-school presentations they have ever seen,” said Everett High School Marketing Instructor Siobhan Sullivan. “They were impressed with the way our students dressed, their presentation style, and the professionalism they exhibited throughout the process.” 

All 70 Everett High marketing students attended the exhibit. They were accompanied by Ms. Sullivan and teachers Lucila Guzman, as well as Paul Cangiano, Rodney Landaverde, Arlind Shehu, Kareem Mimms, and Taylor Warren. After the presentations, students and staff enjoyed a tour of the interactive Hall of Fame exhibit at Gillette Stadium.
Camera-less photos, images in blue
Picture This …
EHS Students Create Cyanotypes at Monserrat
Everett High School (EHS) art students took a field trip to the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly on Friday, March 3, 2024, enjoying a campus tour and a “cameraless” workshop led by Photo and Video Chair Ron DeRito.  

Cameraless photos are created by manipulating light, radiation, and/or chemicals to leave an impression on photo-sensitive paper. During the workshop, Professor DeRito taught the EHS students how to create “cyanotypes” by laying an object on paper coated with a solution of iron salts, exposing it to UV light, and washing it with water to create striking white and blue images.

Following the workshop, Professor DeRito and the students critiqued the work.
 The day was capped with a catered lunch. The Everett Public Schools thanks Monserrat for hosting two “Studio Days” specifically for EHS students during the 2023-2024 school year.
Community Arts Night ‘24
EPS Students Showcase a Wide Range of Talents
The Everett Public Schools (EPS) hosted its annual Community Arts Night on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, giving students and faculty the chance to showcase the breadth and depth of the district’s visual arts, theater, and dance programming.

Held inside at Everett High School because of inclement weather, the event featured a live performing arts component inside the auditorium, an art exhibit in the library, and art activities for students and guests inside the cafeteria.  Highlights of the performing arts portion of the festivities included:  
  • Celloist Keely Paolucci opened the show with a rendition of Vivaldi’s “Spring.”
  • Under the direction of teacher Jordana Meltzer, Lafayette students presented “Stone Soup,” which extols the virtues of teamwork.
  • Kristin Coffey’s Whittier School theater students staged selections from “The Wizard of Oz.”
  • The Keverian School's theatre program, directed by Mr. David Raposo, performed "Right Before Your Eyes!", the opening number from “James and The Giant Peach.”
  • The Parlin School's theatre program, directed by Ms. Andi Dudziak, performed stories from “Folk Tails,” a collection of global animal fables.
  • The Madeline English School theatre program, directed by Ms. Hope Johnson, performed the short play, "Action News!"
  • A selection from Director Lunara Devers and the EHS Dance Program.
  • The EHS Theatre Company staged scenes from its upcoming production of “Chicago (Teen Edition).” “Chicago,” which is directed by Britt Mitchell (stage), Corey Crofoot (music), and Ms. Devers (dance), is set for June 5 and 6 inside the EHS Center for the Performing Arts.
For families and guests, there was watercolor painting, drawing, and sketchbook activities in the cafeteria, as well as handcrafted charcuterie selections from Ms. Carolynn Parmenter and the EHS Culinary Arts Department. 
The EHS library featured hundreds of visual artworks from students, across all grade levels, showcasing the wide range of courses and programming offered by the district’s art faculty. This includes paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, small metals, fiber arts, hand-stitched embroidery, needle felting, and soft sculpture. In addition, students enrolled in EHS’s first-year Advanced Placement 2D Art and Design course exhibited their completed portfolios. 

“These specialized additions provide a stronger, more well-rounded arts education for our students,” said Arts Coordinator Cari DiCicco. “The arts develop and strengthen 21st century skills, promote higher order thinking, and enhance social emotional well-being, connection, and self-confidence. I am so proud of our students and our wonderful faculty!”   

Special thanks to Ms. MacWilliam and our wonderful EHS Student Ambassadors who greeted, directed, assisted our guests as they arrived at the event. 
Two students standing, holding awards, with a group of adults,
From left: Deputy Fire Chief Will Hurley, Assistant Principal Stephen Venezia, Poster Award winners Jaycee Nguyen and Angelina Ravesi. Principal David Brady, Assistant Principal Alessandro Cornelio, and Superintendent William Hart. 

Lafayette Students Win Poster Contest Awards
Messages Promote Fire Safety
Two Lafayette School students won prizes in the 2024 Arson Watch Reward Program Poster Contest. Sixth grader Angelina Ravesi was the first-place winner in Middlesex County, while eighth grader Jaycee Nguyen earned second-place honors. The pair were presented trophies and a cash prize from Everett Deputy Fire Chief Will Hurley, who worked with Arts Coordinator Cari DiCicco on sharing this opportunity with middle school students, during a brief ceremony at the Lafayette on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. 

The annual poster contest is sponsored by the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association. The theme is “Fire Prevention – Everyone/Every Day.” Ravesi’s poster features a mix of images and messages, including “Stop, Drop, and Roll!” Nguyen created a painting built around the importance of extinguishing candles.

“Our congratulations to these talented students, and our thanks to Deputy Hurley for promoting this event within the Everett Public Schools,” said Superintendent Hart.
Large group photo, students outdoors at a ropes course
Students completing an outdoor ropes course
Connections Program Field Trip
Students Display Teamwork — and Fearlessness!
The Everett High School Connections Program recently took 30 of its students to the La Vida high ropes course at Gordon College. Students spent the morning working on team-building activities and the afternoon on the high ropes course. It was an incredible day all around, and it was great to see problem-solving skills, teamwork, and bravery all in action! 
Health Science Pathway Luncheon
Seniors Recognized for Completing Internships
Everett High School recognized seniors in the Health Science Pathway who completed internships during the 2023-2024 school year during a luncheon celebration inside the Crimson Café on May 10.

The students completed internships at the following locations:
Cambridge Health Alliance Everett Hospital (Various units, wards, and departments); the Leonard Florence Center in Chelsea;  Cataldo Ambulance; and  the Keverian, Lafayette, and Parlin schools


Suhey Aragon Munguia

Jessica Benitez Escobar

Isabella Barbosa

Camille Camilo

Andrea Cortez

Victoria DoCarmo

Eduarda Fiuza

Aviana Giron

Ava Goodwin

Katerin Guevara Chacon

Gurkiran Kaur

Yasmine Laabadla

Sophia Machado

Vitoria Machado

Anthony Masucci

Valeria Matias Calmo

Maria Luiza Medeiros

Abitchaelle Medilme

Thong Phan

Ricardo Osorio Umana

Aliyana Owens

Marisela Portillo

Makenzie Powers

Jayden Prophete

Katherine Ramirez Quintanilla

Daimeliz Rivera

Maria Rocha Moraes

Achena Sanon

Simran Tamang

Linh Tran

Ashley Vasquez Fuentes

Enrico Vega


Arabela Cvitkusic

Justin Du

Alessandra Foster

Malaica Guillaume

Salina Pun

Brigitte Reyes-Cortez

Gleidy Tejada Sanchez

Aidan Volquez

Katherine Perez Privado

Two students standing, holding certificates

Industry Standards

EHS Students Pass Certification Exams
Congratulations to Everett High School students Nicholas Amorim and Mateus Barbalho for passing three different information technology certification exams offered by the industry leader, Certiport: Java, HTML and CSS, and JavaScript. The two are students in Neeta Kalve’s programming and web development class.