Central Administration


Everett Public Schools • 121 Vine Street, Everett MA 02149
Phone: 617-394-2400 • Fax: 617-394-2408


Informal portrait photo of the Superintendent
Superintendent of Schools
Priya Tahiliani

Portrait photo, Deputy Superintendent
Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Kim Tsai

Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Charles Obremski
Ext. 6121

Portrait photo, Kevin Shaw

Assistant Superintendent
Kevin Shaw
Ext. 6131

Informal head shot, Anu, smiling
Chief Financial Officer
Anu Medappa Jayanth

Informal head shot, Shirley Peng, smiling
Budget and Grants Director
Shirley Peng

Formal head shot, Anne Auger
Director of Remote Learning and Instruction
Anne Auger
Ext. 6970

Portrait photo, William Donohue

Director of Special Education
William Donohue
Ext. 6161

Special Education Department
Special Education Coordinator: Donna Sweeney 
School Psychologist: Peter Sturman 
ABA Services Director: Ashley Lambresa 
Coordinator of Elementary Special Education: Shareen Mustafa
Administrative Assistant:: Rose Holt (Ext. 6165) 
Administrative Assistant: Dawn Pierce (Ext. 6164)

Formal head shot of Cory McCarthy, outside
Chief Equity Officer
Cory McCarthy

Direct Number: 617-394-2442
Director: Stephen Bond (6243)
Enrollment Data
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