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William D. Hart Appointed Superintendent


William Hart Named Superintendent of the EPS

I am honored to announce that the Everett School Committee voted to appoint William D. Hart as our next Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Hart was named to the permanent position following formal interviews during a special meeting on Wednesday, December 20, 2023. He is a proven leader and a respected member of our community who has expertly served as our interim over the past seven weeks.  

“I welcome the chance to continue the work I have already started,” Mr. Hart told the Committee during his interview. “When I stepped into the interim role, I quickly realized that to work alongside our teachers, students, and families in the short term is my motivation to be the very best advocate for them — for as long as I can. And if you support me, I will do just that.” 

Vice Chairman Michael McLaughlin nominated Mr. Hart, and the motion was seconded by Cynthia Sarnie. The eight members present for the vote were unanimous in their support for Mr. Hart, including myself, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, and members Millie Cardello, Jeanne Cristiano, Joseph LaMonica, and Jason Marcus. 

“He will, and already has, showed us that he can begin the healing,” Ms. Cardello stated. Mr. McLaughlin added that Mr. Hart will lead a school system that will “represent everyone and will be welcoming to everyone.” 

Mr. Hart served as the Chief Executive Officer for Massachusetts Community Colleges from 2009-2019, during which time he worked with 15 presidents and 165 trustees. He also served as Deputy Director for Massachusetts Community Colleges from 2004-2009. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Communications and Assistant to the President for Public Affairs at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC). In addition, he was an adjunct professor at BHCC, where he taught history, government, and politics. 

During his lifetime connection with Everett, Mr. Hart has served on a variety of policy committees, task forces, institutes, and organizations. “My professional skill set, coupled with my strong bond with this community, puts me in a uniquely ideal position to lead the Everett Public Schools,” Mr. Hart said. “It would be my honor to continue in this role.” 

As Chairman of the Everett School Committee, it is my honor to say that he will do just that. 

I want to thank the members of the Superintendent Search Committee: School Committee members Millie Cardello and Jeanne Cristiano, retired Everett Public Schools (EPS) principal Laurence Arinello, Everett High graduate and current Yale University student Riley Avelar, EPS teacher and Everett Teachers Association Vice President Jen Cuthbert, EPS student Patrice David, City of Everett Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cathy Draine, and Webster Extension Educational Team Leader Theresa Naimo. 

I want also to congratulate our second finalist, Dr. Kimberly Fricker, who currently serves as the Superintendent of the Rim of the World Unified School District in Crestline, California. I echo the sentiments of Mayor DeMaria, who said Wednesday night that any school system would be lucky to have Dr. Fricker in charge. 

Thanks, also, to Sylvia Flowers and Josette Tucker Alma Advisory Group for supporting our search process. The Alma professionals planned and facilitated focus groups and community meetings, published an extensive community engagement report, developed the job description, and screened the initial pool of close to 40 applicants. 

The long process ended in the right place — with our naming the best person to serve as Superintendent and lead the district during a critical period for our students, staff, and families. Mr. Hart will expand what we are doing well, identify and address areas for improvement, and build coalitions among the many important constituencies within our schools and in the community at large. 

Thank you for everyone who actively participated in our search and, please, join me in welcoming William D. Hart to the Superintendent’s Office. 

Have a great holiday season and a safe and happy New Year! 
Thank you,
Mike Mangan
Everett School Committee Chairman