E-H-S Awards Ceremony



Excellence, Honor, and Success

Students Recognized by Teachers and Staff

Everett High School (EHS) held its annual Excellence, Honor, and Success Awards Ceremony on April 26th inside the Crimson Cafe, giving teachers the opportunity to recognize students for the positive attributes they bring to class every day.

Fifteen students and three educators received awards in one of the following categories:

Excellence:  Students who demonstrate excellence in academics or in another area such as art, music, athletics, community service, etc.

Honor: Students who uphold the core values of EPS and who demonstrate character, compassion, leadership, and/or service at EHS and in the community.

Success: Students who have exhibited a high degree of effort, growth, and/or resilience throughout the year.

Teachers nominated dozens of students for this year’s E-H-S awards, writing impassioned arguments on behalf of a wide range of students who possess an equally wide range of talents and traits. The selection committee had the difficult task of choosing 15 winners — three each from every grade, plus three “at-large”student winners  and three educators. 

Words such as kind, positive, enthusiastic, character, caring, and passionate were used to describe this year’s winners. Lunch was prepared and served by the Culinary Arts Department.

The E-H-S Awards program was launched in 2011, and returned from a two-year COVID hiatus in the spring of 2022.

“An awesome tradition, by any measure,” said Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani. “I would have loved to have had this opportunity when I was teaching. There is no end to things that can make a student a joy to have in class. This awards program captures that crucial aspect of our profession.”

EHS Vice Principal Stanley Chamblain read the nominations teachers submitted on behalf of the award recipients, and Vice Principal James Murphy handed out the certificates. Principal Dennis Lynch announced the winners from the staff category.


9th Grade

Excellence: Ricardo Prophete

Nominated by: Mr. Podbelski

Honor: Juliana Dias

Nominated by Ms. Dimare

Success: Kailyne Ospina

Nominated by Mr. Walsh

10th grade

Excellence: Milena Antonio

Nominated by Mr. Bailey

Honor: Emmet Marte

Nominated by Ms. Cunningham

Success: Fredy Tejada Portillo

Nominated by Mr. Appleby

11th grade

Excellence: Anthony Masucci

Nominated by Ms. Giordano

Honor: Moises Galdamez Perez

Nominated by Ms. Jackson

Success: Alissa Forestal

Nominated by Ms. Rainville

12th grade

Excellence: Kathleen De Souza

Nominated by Mr. O’Brien

Honor: Stephane Telson 

Nominated by  Ms. McNiff, Ms. Bitterman, Ms. McQueeney, and Dr. Valle

Success: Renato Diniz 

Nominated by Mr. Walsh and Ms. Abboud

At-large Recipients

Excellence: Gurkiran Kaur (Grade 11)

Nominated by Dr. Seiders

Honor: Laura Sanchez Cespedes (Grade 11)

Nominated by Ms. Devino

Success: Melanie Pineda Espana (Grade 12)

Nominated by Mr. McGowan

Staff Winners

Excellence: Traci Murphy

Nominated by Ms Dinan and Ms. Kerrigan

Honor: Jamie Bavaro

Nominated by Ms. Pickowicz

Success: Stephanie Cheffro

Nominated by Ms. Tocci and Ms. Giordano