EHS Accreditation

Everett High School Principal Erick Naumann invites parents of students and other interested community residents to assist in a Self-Reflection which is currently being conducted by the school’s professional staff.

The Self-Reflection is a significant component in the Accreditation process of the Commission on Public Schools for the Accreditation of Everett High School by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Principal Naumann noted that all aspects of the school will be assessed during the Self-Reflection. Volunteers are needed to serve on the Self-Reflection committee, which will assess the school’s alignment to the Standards for Accreditation.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is a voluntary membership organization of more than 2,000 public schools, colleges and universities, independent schools, and vocational/technical and career institutions. Approximately 725 public schools throughout New England are currently accredited through the Association's Commission on Public Schools. The Commission works with individual schools to improve the quality of their programs at all levels through a process of Self-Reflection, peer review, and ongoing monitoring.

Anyone interested in volunteering time or in learning more about the Self-Reflection should contact Julie Ann Whitson, who is coordinating the EHS Accreditation process, at 617-544-6983 during school hours.