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EHS Rights and Responsibilites

Everett High School

Rights and Responsibilities

We are committed to one set of expectations for everyone in our community to ensure personal development and civic responsibility.

I Have the Right to:
I Have the Responsibility to:

Be physically, emotionally, and socially safe at school.

Behave in a positive manner to all, respecting the physical and emotional boundaries of others.

Be treated fairly, respectfully and equally.

Treat others with respect.

Expect that my personal property will be safe and secure at school.

Respect the property of others and never violate its safety or security.

Expect that all adult members of the EHS community will consistently model the expectations for student attitude, behavior and performance.

Meet high expectations and accept constructive feedback for my attitude, behavior, and achievement.

A complete education with well-planned lessons, engaging activities, encouragement, consistent feedback and the support needed for every learner to succeed.

Be present, prompt, prepared, and participate with a positive attitude in each of my classes. I will strive to meet high expectations for learning and cooperate fully with my teachers.

Express my opinions and feelings while being supported in a collaborative classroom.

Listen and respect the ideas and feeling of others.

Work in a supportive environment with all of the members of the EHS community

Bring all concerns regarding fairness and respect to my dean who will address the matter.

Fairness and due process in the application of the school discipline code.

Own my behaviors and actions and accept the consequences for violating my “Responsibilities.”

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