Social & Emotional Learning and Wellness » Project Wayfinder SEL toolkit (6th/7th/8th Grades)

Project Wayfinder SEL toolkit (6th/7th/8th Grades)

Project Wayfinder is a toolkit app of Social, Emotional and Wellness activities designed for teachers to implement in their classroom. 
The Project Wayfinder toolkit was selected by a group of EPS middle school teachers to support the SELWELL needs of students in the 7th and 8th grades. 
In 2022-2023 EPS middle school teachers in every school will have ongoing access to the Wayfinder toolkit of SEL activities and resources. 
By having your students complete a weekly questionnaire (called 'Waypoints') on their chromebooks/devices, the Wayfinder toolkit will learn your students' SELWELL strengths and growth-needs and suggest activities from the toolkit that will support your students' growth and learning. 
Waypoints questionnaires take less than 10mins to complete, and ask your students questions about how they feel about themselves, their school, their friends and their lives. Student responses are automatically scored and aggregated for to review. 
With the integration of Google Chrome's translate function, the Wayfinder toolkit is accessible to all students regardless of developmental stage or language-level. 
By having students complete the 'Waypoints' questionnaire weekly, school administrators are able to review school-wide data on students' SELWELL strengths and growth-needs.