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From the Curriculum Department

Convening of Great Minds

EPS Interventionists Gather for Meaningful Collaboration

For the first time in more than three years, Everett Public Schools (EPS) math and literacy interventionists gathered for a collaborative learning session built around data collection and analysis, instructional practices, and strategies to improve small-group instruction.

The district’s Intervention Success Team planned and led the meeting, which was held on Friday, May 5th at the Envision Hotel. The work focused on three objectives:

  • Compare methods of data collection, analysis, and reporting  
  • Strengthen instructional practices for Tier 2 Students    
  • Utilize the expertise of all interventionists to improve small group instruction 

Each objective was addressed separately, as educators met in groups to discuss what is working in their respective classrooms and schools. One topic was WIN Blocks, small-group instruction that stands for “What I Need.” The interventionists documented how they roll out WIN Blocks and share data, giving everyone the chance to note similarities and differences between schools.

In another portion of the training, participants completed a consultancy protocol to alleviate or solve dilemmas that are common among interventionists. “This was particularly helpful,” said Director of Remote Learning and Instruction Anne Auger. “It’s good to know you are not alone, that your colleagues have the same issues and that, more times than not, there are useful ways to overcome those dilemmas.”

In addressing the third objective, everyone joined a small group to share go-to activities that have proven popular and successful with students. In addition, organizers gathered resources for the interventionists to review, including Tier 2 reading and math instructional materials, general instructional strategies, and English Learning (EL) content.

The event concluded with a 3-2-1 Exit Ticket in which the educators had the chance to write about three things that they will utilize from the training, two things they liked or found interesting, and one question that they still need answered. This exercise generated positive and helpful feedback.

In looking to the future, the Exit Tickets revealed that the educators are eager to obtain more curriculum and resources, not only for themselves but for classroom teachers as well. Participants also expressed the desire to have such meetings once or twice a year to further foster widespread collaboration and problem-solving.

“Any chance you have to meet as a collective is productive and beneficial,” said Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani. “Good ideas are best shared in person, in a setting where everyone can leverage their shared experiences and goals. My thanks to everyone who planned and attended this special event.”