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Carole O'Keefe Dedication

On Monday, October 17, 2022, Everett High School officially named the Nurse's Office in memory of the late Carole Lois (Delory) O'Keefe. The dedication ceremony was approved by the Everett School Committee at the request of Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Millie Cardello. Thanks to Everett High School staff, especially to the Culinary Arts Department, for helping plan such a special event for the many members of the O'Keefe Family who attended the dedication in person at Everett High School. 
Carole Lois (Delory) O’Keefe was born in Everett on July 31,1937 and resided in Everett for most of her life. After graduating Everett High School in 1955, Carole pursued her dream of becoming a nurse by graduating from Whidden Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1958.  She furthered her education though coursework at Boston College School of Nursing.   

Early in her career, Carole shared her love of nursing by teaching nursing students, while also caring for patients, at the Whidden Hospital until 1962. Then becoming a wife and mother of three, she devoted her time to her family while remaining active in the Everett Community by participating in civic celebrations, sporting events and charitable fundraising.  In 1972, Carole returned to the nursing profession as an industrial nurse and received her
E.M.T. Certification from Bunker Hill Community College.

In 1979 she began her career in Public Health, working for the City of Everett and returning to Everett High School as the school nurse.  It was a demanding job, sometimes she treated more than 70 patients a day with ailments across a broad spectrum of conditions.  Not only did she effectively tend to her patients, she also established a mentoring program where students would assist her with some administrative duties. The help from those students allowed her to  better care for those in need of medical treatment.  The students of Everett High School became her second family and she cherished her time with each of them. 

In 1999, Carole retired from the City as Acting Nursing Supervisor of the Health Department.  Although officially retired, she continued to work on a part time basis.  She substituted during position vacancies and scheduled leave of full time staff, initially in Everett and eventually at Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School in Middleton.  

In 2017 she fully retired at the age of 80.  With many years of nursing experience and 20+ years in public health her logistical knowledge was instrumental in assisting with the planning and design of the Nurse’s Suite at the newly proposed Everett High School.  She was excited and honored to be able to contribute to the future success of the students here in Everett.  Carole was always so proud of the city she loved.