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Reaching New Heights
The theme for Fall 2019 newsletter is, “Everett English Learners Reaching New Heights” — because of the inspiring work we are seeing from our Els already this school year, and it is only the beginning! Our English Learner Community is also “reaching new heights” with our enrollment! We are up to 2,007 English Learners in Everett in grades Pre-K through 12!
Throughout this edition, you will see samples of Els engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects that require creative problem solving and lots of group collaboration. English Learners thrive in this arena. You’ll also see examples of English Learners giving group presentations to their peers, creating websites and robots, and developing their writing. In addition, English Learners are engaging in career skills in our high school’s academy model including carpentry and culinary.
At the Lafayette, Parlin, Whittier and Keverian Schools we are continuing to grow our co-teaching model. In these schools, our English Learners receive instruction form a classroom teacher and an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in the same room. The results impress me every-day. Our English Learners are working with the same content as the Non-English Learners in their grade levels. They are engaged and excited to work with their peers. I hope you visit your child's school for conferences and special events through the year so you can see their work displayed and hear their teach-er’s pride in their accomplishments. I feel fortunate to see them in action every day.
EL Director