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English Learner Director: Anne Auger

EHS English Learner Department Head: Brittany Hay  |  SEI Instructional Coach: Adrienne Supino
RAZ Kids (K-12: online books that can be read aloud (request a student account from your teacher)

Click HERE to learn more.
Click HERE for the i-Ready login page.

Khan Academy (3-12: Offers a variety of different courses along with practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard.)


Read Theory (K-8: Improve reading and writing skills (free parent account needed)

Lalilo (phonics) (K-2: adaptive learning phonics website)

NewsELA (2-12: news stories with multiple reading levels)

News-o-matic (4-12: news stories with a read aloud feature, slideshows, and reader response questions)

Epic! Books

Spelling City

Footsteps to Brillance (PreK-2: Interactive books, songs, games in Spanish and English)

Common Lit

Just Books Read Aloud (Prek-3- high interest books read aloud to viewers)

Unite for Literacy



Duolingo for School

ELL Brainpop

Learn English kids (teens version) (website with various stories, videos, games, and activities (related to reading, vocab, grammar, etc) to help students practice their English; you can change the language of the ENTIRE website to Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic etc, so that parents can help their children navigate it.)

ESL Gold (free lessons in listening, speaking, reading, writing)

Listening Lab (offers free listening practice)

How to Login to Your Gmail Account
1) Go to gmail.com

2) Your email address is: “yourlunchnumber”@epsstudents.org For example if my lunch number is 1021490 then my email address would be 1021490@epsstudents.org.

3) If you have never logged into your account before, your password is 12345678 (you will be prompted to change your password when you log in). If you have logged into your account before, you set your own password and should continue using that password.

4) If you forget your password or your password is not working, please use any email address to email your name and lunch number to passwordreset@everett.k12.ma.us and they will reset your password for you.
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