Everett High School

Exterior view of Everett High, from Elm Street
Virtual Enrichment Support Guide
In an effort to provide supplemental enrichment support for students while schools are closed in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, this guide provides suggestions on the various remote learning opportunities that are available to students and families. These are activities and lessons are not required and will not be graded. We recognize that this is a challenging and unprecedented time for the EPS community. In the face of this unique circumstance and its demands, we want to support our students and families as much as possible.
Enrichment Calendar 9
(Posted June 8)
Enrichment Calendar 8
(Posted June 1)
Enrichment Calendar 7
(Posted May 26)
Enrichment Calendar 6
(Posted May 18)
Enrichment Calendar 5
(Posted May 11)
Enrichment Calendar 4
(Posted May 4)
Enrichment Calendar 3
(Posted April 27)
Enrichment Calendar 2
(Posted April 13)