Introduction to i-Ready

Clip art, a computer and open books against a blue background

i-Ready Resources

Dear Everett Families,

We would like to offer you and your children the opportunity for continued learning and growth while schools are not in session. We recommend that, at minimum, your students in grades K-8 are engaged in at least one hour per day of mathematics and one hour per day of reading. To that end, we have partnered with Curriculum Associates to provide online instruction and lessons, aligned to grade level standards, through a program called i-Ready. This program will provide your child with personalized paths of instruction for both math and reading based on their most recent diagnostic testing results in those areas. Teachers also have the ability to assign students additional lessons, outside of their personalized paths, that will more closely relate to the content being covered in class and ensure continued growth.

For families who do not have consistent access to the technology required to run the i-Ready program, we are also offering printed lessons that are grade level appropriate along with the associated answer keys so that parents and students can feel successful in completing this practice work.

While we know that these resources cannot replace direct teacher instruction, we feel that this instructional component is a valuable learning tool to ensure continuity in your child’s education.

If we can assist you with questions regarding the i-Ready program, please do not hesitate to email us!

Michelle Crowell
Director of Curriculum