2020 Science Fair Winners

Middle School


Bronze — Impenetrable Automatic Bird Feeder: Jason Spaulding                      
Silver — Recycling Paper: Luira Liete                                    
Gold — Solar-Visor 2: Ilias Benmokrane

Sixth Grade
Bronze — Handle With Care: Haylee Rodriguez, Samarah Marks                      
Silver — The Battle of Laundry Detergent: Laura Aguilar, Jelissa Hanley                          
Gold — Impenetrable Automatic Bird Feeder: Jason Spaulding

Seventh Grade                          
Bronze — Solar Oven: Mama Gassama, Tracy Pham                            
Silver — Spill the Tea: Isabella Gonzalez De Oliveira, Kayleigh McMahon                    
Gold — Recycling Paper: Luira Liete  

Eighth Grade           
Bronze — Green Roofs for the Win: Nicholas Crowell                        
Silver — Down Memory Lane: Alisson Solis, Megan Le, Ammisha Dascelin                                    
Gold — Solar-Visor 2: Ilias Benmokrane           

Honorable Mention
Eighth Grade

  • Blood Clot to the Rescue: Maria-Helena Mihoc, Jazmin Ramberose
  • Environmental Objects at a Slope: Suzanne Maharjan
  • Memory Race: Olivia Lavaud, Christine Laforest
  • Do Magnets Help? Gurkiran Kaur
  • Can I Use Wind Energy to Charge my Phone? Nilabhro Pal
  • Distillation: Stephany De Souza, Kristen Marchant
  • Rescue Rover: Ritchny Blaise, Nathaniel Espada-Pacheco
  • Does the Color of a Drink Effect Your Preference? Katherine Ramirez, Tiffany Escobar
  • Getting Across: Nicholas Middleton, Krish Soni, Sal DiDomenico
  • Surface Tension of Water: Arabela Cvitkusic
  • Sticky Picker: Oscar Valle

Seventh Grade

  • Robot Cleaner: Sonia Victoria Constanza, Ashley Seward, Victoria Rodrigues
  • Acid to the Core: Milena Antonio, Citlali Marquez
  • Solar Water Heater: Carlos Mungia
  • The Power of the Sun: Solar Powered Water Desalination: Laeticia Paul
  • Circuits: Raquel Saldarriaga, Mayra Gutierrez
  • Moldy Madness: Marie-Judith Germain, Marie-Judette Germain, Sarah Keifer

Sixth Grade

  • Smart Stretching: Emma Perry
  • Fruit-tricity: Kierstyn Carapellucci, Paula Castillo
  • Butter than all the Rest: Anthony Whitlow, Jeremy Whitlow
  • The Birth of a Plant: Gideon Legall, Gustavo Neto
  • Plastic Evacuator: Isaque De Souza
  • Foaming at the Trunk: Yasmin DeSouza, Katherine Martinez Rodriguez
  • Shake Rattle and Roll: Roxsi Martinez Ochoa, Chantellyne Yoyo
  • Pumpkin Preservation: Cristian Vasquez, Selvin Flores

Everett High School


Bronze — Bacterial Transformation : Mohammad Gaal, Tyler Hunh                                   

Silver — Reversed Glue Stick: Kayo Gomez, Alan Falaise, Ashley Tejada                        

Gold — Optimizing Enzyme Engineering for Single Cell Genomics: Rothsaida Sylvaince           


Bronze — Container Size and Evaporation Rates: Natalia Leal                           

Bronze — Tea Time: Cindy Nguyen, Heidi Orellana Ramos, Katie Andrade                       

Silver— Effect of UV Light on Bacterial Growth: Salma Abderazzak                                  

Gold — Optimizing Enzyme Engineering for Single Cell Genomics: Rothsaida Sylvaince                             


Bronze — Dual Bactericidal Agents: Mimi Le                      

Bronze — Endless Energy: Ahmad Shanniek                        

Silver — Dissolution of Color: Dyna Louis                          

Gold — Bacterial Transformation: Mohammad Gaal, Tyler Hunh     


Bronze — Influence of Pressure on Soccer Ball Properties: Emily Pereira                         

Silver — Life-size Newton's Cradle: Kristi Skane, Brandon Orellana Lemus                     

Gold — Color My Sun: Luisa Da Silva, Aline Silva, Emanuelly Fernandes


Bronze — Robotics Game Design Challenge - Maze Runner: Fiorella Ventura, Jackson Pedro, Fadhila Djitli, Marc Reveil

Silver —  Biodegradable and Renewable Plastic: Philip Fonseca                       

Gold — Reversed Glue Stick: Kayo Gomez, Alan Falaise, Ashley Tejada

Overall EHS gold medal winner Rothsaida Sylvaince discusses her project with a judge
Everett High School Gold Medal Winner Rothsaida Sylvaince

Biology — How Your Voice Changes Pitch Through the Day: Karen Escobar Aguilar                                       
Biology — Pop Pop What to Shop: Bella Paradis                                                   
Biology — How Does Music Affect your Memory? Carla Guevara                                       
Biology — Pills and Potions: Krystal Ho, Leandra Germain                                                 
Biology — 2020 Vision: Olivia Mccann, Sophia Suza                                         
Biology — Five Second Rule: Stephanie Perlera                 

Chemistry — Muscle Memory in Sports: Rovencheney Bruce                                              
Chemistry — Soap - Kill Bacteria Save Your Skin: Isaah Katende, Oscar Tobias, Joshua Jackson                                                    
Chemistry — What Liquid is Best for Apples: Jessica DeSouza                                            

Engineering — Ozobot Monopoly: Doug Rodrigues Zanella, Zak Nadar, Jakob Tripp, Sebastian Ruiz Solano
Engineering — Hot or Cold? Adrian Nunez-Gonzalez, Hadassah Oliveira, Hesh Beqaid
Engineering — Jogo do Son: Daniel D’Amico, Izzy DeAngelis, Ahmad Shanniek
Engineering — Maze: Fiorella Ventura, Jackson Pedro, Fadhila Djitli, Marc Reveil
Engineering — Cops and Robbers: Jonathan Landaverde, Kevin Calderon, Oscar Romero Merino                                                  
Engineering — Lucky Pot: Miguel Loureiro Guimaraes, llif Rodrigues de Oliveira, Nick Chau, Andy Rodriguez                        
Engineering — Random Maze: Maycol Meza Padilla, Jason Tejada, Raziel Desdunes

Engineering — Knockout: Marcus Vieira, William Ramos, Junior DoCarmo
Engineering — Simon's Pathway: Tairon Delgado, Brandon Sepulveda-Rodriguez, Angel Coto-Ramos, Erasmo Junior
Engineering — Reverse Engineering: Javier Solares, Arthur Tedesco
Engineering — Couch Cushions: Emily Buss, Gabriel de Andrade
Engineering — Mr. Egg's Parachute: Roberto Brizuela, Aleksandr Mustacchia
Engineering — The Boosters: Riley Avelar, Rianna Botte, Nick Raymond
Engineering — Salty Shovel: Benjamin Ikanovic, Adam Penaflor, Marcos Pereira

Physics — Parachute Shape Efficiency: Nelffy Gaspard, Vanessa Pineda
Physics — Can Static Electricity Light a Bulb? Maria Goncalves, Kamili Vitoria Luiz Joaquim, Iasmin Calle Souza, Rafael Santana, Yan Santana
Physics — Parachute Material Efficiency: Brookelynn Acevedo, Margie Martinez Zuniga