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Enrollment and Education of Children of Military Families

Children from military families face significant challenges when a parent is transferred between posts or is deployed.  The Department of Defense, Council of State Government and organizations concerned with the education of military children created the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children to support and ensure that military children have the educational opportunities they deserve, even when they move to another state. 

Specific issues that are addressed are:

  • Timely transfer of records
  • Kindergarten and first grade age variances
  • Adequate time to complete immunization requirements
  • Exclusion from extracurricular activities
  • Placement in appropriate courses
  • Missed or redundant entrance and exit testing
  • Graduation requirements

The Everett Public Schools supports the children of military families by adhering to the following:

  • A person who has been granted power of attorney or a person with guardianship may enroll a military child in the Everett Public Schools.

  • When the custodial parent has moved to another military assignment out of the local area, a military child may continue to attend the Everett Public School that they have been enrolled in, as long as the child continues to reside in Everett.
  • The Everett Public Schools will accept hand carried educational records of military children to ensure the immediate, proper placement of students, particularly special education students whose education is guided by an Individual Education Plan, students who are serviced by a 504 Plan, students who receive services because they are English Language Learners or students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses.  Enrollment is allowed pending validation of official records.

  • The Everett Public Schools will ensure that prerequisite course requirements will not be a barrier to a student’s academic achievement, by requiring students to repeat courses.  The Everett Public Schools will not prevent students from enrolling in Honors or Advanced Placement Courses due to the lack of prerequisite coursework in a previous district.  The Everett Public Schools may perform subsequent testing to ensure proper placement.

  • Military children shall have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, if qualified, regardless of application deadlines.

  • A student is given thirty days (30 days), from the date of enrollment, to be immunized.  For a series of immunizations, initial vaccinations must be obtained within 30 calendar days.

  • A student will be allowed to continue their enrollment at the same grade level in the Everett Public Schools that the student was enrolled in at the time of transition from the previous district, regardless of the age requirement.  To enroll a child in Kindergarten in Everett, who was born after August 31 in a calendar year, and had not yet reached his or her fifth birth-date, the child must have been enrolled in Kindergarten in the previous district.  A student that has satisfactorily completed a grade level in the sending district shall be eligible for enrollment in the next higher grade level in the Everett Public Schools, regardless of age.

  • Specific courses that are required by Everett High School for graduation shall be waived if similar course work has been satisfactorily completed in the previous district.  If a waiver of coursework is denied by the Everett Public Schools, then the Everett Public Schools will provide an alternative means of acquiring the necessary coursework so that they student will graduate on time.

  • Should a military student transfer to the Everett Public Schools during the senior year, they may not be eligible for a Massachusetts high school diploma due to state testing requirements (MCAS).  If a military student is ineligible to graduate from the Everett Public Schools because of this requirement, the Everett Public Schools will work with the sending district to ensure receipt of a diploma from the sending district, if the student meets the graduation requirements of the sending district.