Extended Learning

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Virtual Enrichment Support Guide
In an effort to provide supplemental enrichment support for students while schools are closed in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, this guide provides suggestions on the various remote learning opportunities that are available to students and families.  We recognize that this is a challenging and unprecedented time for the EPS community. In the face of this unique circumstance and its demands, we want to support our students and families as much as possible.

Math Websites and Resources
Logo, three sides of a cube
Online lessons in math and english language arts.
High-tech design concept, numbers and flashes and streaks of light
Mathopolis offers Math Question of the Day.
Logo, flower inside a light green hexagon

Offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

PBS logo, profile inside a blue circle
Videos, lessons in all subject areas.

"math is fun" text inside blue boxes
Math is Fun offer mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner.
Logo, an "X' in a box, light green background
Math fact fluency practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Green logo, smiling animated monster

Curriculum-aligned math games (Free parent account needed; recommended for Grades 1-7)

All text logo "A-plus math"

Math worksheets, games, and flashcards.

Greg Tang math text logo, purple letters.

Math games, lessons, and books.

All text logo in light orange background, "arcademics"

Offers educational games in math, ELA, thinking skills, and vocabulary.

Logo, sliver yellow moon and stars

Family math activities.

Text logo, colorful letters
Math games, lessons, quizzes, brain teasers.
Logo, odd colorful shapes

Personalized enrichment/practice in math. (Free parent account needed.)

Cartoonish letter spelling ABCYa

Math, Reading, typing skills.

Clio art of a note pad with the words Brain Pop on top
Engaging videos and games on various topics in all subject areas (Recommended for Grades K-3.)
Literacy/English Language Arts
All text logo inside a red rectangle with clip art of an open book

FREE!  Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. 
(Recommended for Grades K-6)

Logo, text on light blue with clipart of an open book
Free Books in English and Spanish (Option to have books read aloud.)
Read Write Think in light green, red, and blue letters

Activities, projects, printouts, and podcasts for all subject areas.

Clip art, a short row of books

Improve reading and writing skills (Free parent account needed.)

Doodle sketch of a man with a beard

Grammar Skills and short stories.

Logo, three sides of a cube

Online lessons in math and english language arts (Student ID needed.)

Clip art, light blue oval
Engaging videos and games on various topics in all subject areas.
Cartoonish letter spelling ABCYa
Math, Reading, typing skills.


The word "funbrain" in rainbow colors

Math, reading, problems solving and literacy.

Footsteps2Brilliance logo featuring two stars
Interactive books, songs, games in Spanish and English
Just Books Read Aloud against a green and white marble-like background

A variety high interest books read aloud to viewers

"Storyline online" in a red box

Free Videos of celebrities reading popular books

Green cartoon logo, a young boy's face inside a circle
Daily activities, videos and games.
Clio art of a note pad with the words Brain Pop on top
Engaging videos and games on various topics in all subject areas
Logo, upside down smiley face in blue
Interactive, leveled books.(Free Trial available.)
Highlights for Kids logo, two oblong shapes
Cross-curricular activities, games and podcasts.
Squiggle Park, all text
Improve reading skills. (Free parent login required.)
Social Studies and Science
The Region IV Middle School Science and Engineering Fair scheduled for April 11 at UMass Lowell has been cancelled.

* * * * * * * *
The word "Code" spelled in four blocks, two on top of two
Increase computer science skill by coding a dance or build a video game.
JogNog text logo, yellow letters

Test Prep website used to encourage learning of content. (Free Student account required.)

ConnectEd logo, all text

Online student History and Civic resources and book. (Student ID required.)


iCivics text logo with a lower-case "i"
Fun Civics videos and games. (Free Student account required.)

Clip art, light blue oval
Engaging videos and games on various topics in all subject areas.
Clio art logo featuring a smiling rendering of Ben Franklin

Learning adventures and games to learn about the US government.

National Geographic Kids logo with yellow square
Explore, watch videos and play games while learning about the world around us.
Design concept, cartoon character behind the wheel of a machine
Free live videos and games about space education.
Futuristic text logo
Real-world science Videos.
Nova logo, light blue text

Science Documentaries with extension activities.

National Geographic logo featuring a yellow square
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering resources.

All text, science news for students
Current Science based articles.

Gothic script inside a maroon box
Lectures, notes outlines, worksheets, labs, and other activities.

Arts, Music, and Dance
text logo, picassohead

Create your own “Picasso” masterpiece.

Metkids logo, all text
Explore The Met through a virtual tour

A colorful mandala featuring shades of pinks and purples

Relax and color various mandala designs.

Other useful sites:
NGA for Kids Art Zone (National Gallery of Art)
Art computer based activities  that encourage creativity.

Code a Dance
Code a dance to share with your friends.

Music Lab
Learn music through a variety of experiments.

World Languages
Rosetta Stone Logo with blue stone
Free offer for students.

Learn a language from around the world.

Learn a language from around the world.

Practice vocabulary, grammar and watch videos in Spanish.

Free flashcards and study guides in all content areas.

Guidance, Health, and Technology
(Grades 9-12)
Explore college and career options. (Student ID required.)
(Grades 9-12, AP Students)
Advanced Placement tools and resources. (AP students only ID required.)
(Grades 9-12)
Discover and develop a career path. (Student ID required.)
Health related videos, worksheets and games.
Health related videos, worksheets and games.
Learn the facts about Coronavirus Prevention.
Yoga for Kids
Yoga for Teens
(Recommended for Grades K-8)
Be Internet Awesome
(Recommended for Grades K-6)
(Recommended for Grades 7-12)
Printable Resources I
ELA and Math: Grades K-8
Printable Resources II
SAT Practice Test and Math Materials
Printable Resources III
Grade 10 MCAS