Health and Public Service


The Education Pathway is designed for students with a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. This pathway prepares you with the skills necessary to help cultivate healthy growth in children, shaping their lives in and out of the classroom. Future careers in the education system would include teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and other administrative roles.


Allied health professionals are involved with the delivery of health and related services including diagnostic,technical, therapeutic, direct patient care and support services. Health Care Assistants, also known as nursing assistants, auxiliary nurses, or support workers, provide care to patients in hospitals and other medical settings.


Students interested in this pathway will learn about the five  distinct pathways in Health Science including: Diagnostic Services, Therapeutic Services, Health Informatics, Support Services and Biotechnology Research & Development. Future careers can range from nurses, doctors, and  pharmacists, to medical interpreting, veterinarians and physical therapists.


Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Their duties vary but can include; recording patient history and personal information,  measuring vital signs, such as blood pressure, help physicians with patient examinations, giving patients injections or medications as directed by physicians, schedule patient appointments, preparing blood samples for laboratory tests and entering patient information into medical records.


Everett Graduates Will Be: As Measured By:

College and Career Ready: ACT 21 or SAT 1010 and/or Complete the College and Career Continuum

Driven and Resilient: Pathway Completer and On Track for Graduation and/or 95% daily attendance

Future Ready: Completion of the Senior Capstone Project and/or Rating Advanced/Proficient on the Employability Skills Rubric

Community Connected and Globally Aware: Required — Completion minimum of 20 Hours of Pathway Service Learning (embedded in the academy). Recommended — Participation in an extra or co-curricular activity and/or Completion of the Seal of Biliteracy

Senior interns enrolled in Everett High School's Health Science Pathway recently distributed CPR preparedness kits to every classroom at EHS. The kits include gloves and a faceshield with a one-way, valve-breathing barrier that helps prevent disease transmission. The kit also includes graphics to help responders remember the correct hand placement for administering breaths, as well as a visual of the proper head-tilt/chin-lift technique to use while administering life-saving CPR. Finally, the materials include instructions for hands-only CPR for those students and teachers who have not yet been trained in full CPR.


A 3-photo collage of students distributing CPR kits to EHS classrooms


Everett High School’s Health Science Pathway students made and sold red scarves last week in support of Brandon Conde Day. There was a high demand for the scarves among both students and faculty, contributing to a successful school-wide ‘red-out’
on Thursday, October 24. When the day was over, the students had raised $718 for the Brandon Conde Fund.


Two students hold a piece of fabric while a third cuts it


A student cuts a piece of fabric to make a scarf


Teachers promote the Brandon Conde fundraiser


Students make scarves



EHS students gather for the 2019 Walk for Living


WALK FOR LIVING — On Sunday, October 6, Everett High School students participated in the 11th Annual ALS & MS Walk for Living. This walk benefits the Leonard Florence Center in Chelsea and every single dollar raised goes directly back to patient care and programs for the ALS & MS residents. The Leonard Florence Center is one of the clinical sites for Everett High School's Health Science Pathway interns and they have been a valued partner with the program for many years.



Students prepare to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE — Everett High School's Health Science Pathway held their 6th annual Ice Bucket Challenge in support of the Leonard Florence Center for the Living, a skilled nursing residence located that partly specializes in ALS care. Students and staff will also participate in the ALS & MS Walk for Living this Sunday morning at Captain's Row in Chelsea and hundreds of Everett Public School staff participated in a Jeans Day, with the proceeds benefitting the Leonard Florence Center.


Students staff the first Red Cross Blood Drive of the 2019-20 school year


BLOOD DRIVE —Everett High School's Health Science Pathway hosted their first blood drive of the 2019-2020 school year today. More than 80 students signed up for the event, which was coordinated by the American Red Cross with support from the Health Science senior interns. The donations collected will help to save hundreds of lives.