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Business, Law and Hospitality


Marketing is business-based pathway that focuses on advertising strategies and customer satisfaction. In this pathway, digital marketing is an area of concentration as the dynamic changes of the internet’s role in marketing have evolved tremendously. Professionals working in a marketing capacity must be well rounded in sales, management, advertising, customer service, cultural diversity, and both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Show me the money! If you are interested in how to start and run a business consider this pathway. In this pathway, students will learn basic principles of business, marking and finance and how to apply these skills to build an effective business plan for their own ideas.


The Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing segments in the world. Topics in this pathway include marketing, managing and operating restaurants, hotels, attractions and travel services. Those who are highly organized, excellent communicators and enjoy serving the public will  enjoy this path. Future careers may include hotel manager, food and beverage director, event/meeting planner, and travel agent.


If you love to cook and enjoy working with people, the Culinary Arts career path is for you. You will experience hands-on instruction in a state-of-the-art kitchen, including cooking, food production, catering and banquet operations, baking and pastry skills. Future careers include caterer, executive chef, restaurant manager, baker, line cook, dietary aide, health inspector, food critic, as well as owning your own business.owning your own business.


Law and Government Pathway focuses on law, leadership, society, governance, communications and ethics. Students choosing this pathway will be exposed to numerous careers including law, law enforcement, corrections, forensics and security.


Everett Graduates Will Be: As Measured By:

College and Career Ready: ACT 21 or SAT 1010 and/or Complete the College and Career Continuum

Driven and Resilient: Pathway Completer and On Track for Graduation and/or 95% daily attendance

Future Ready: Completion of the Senior Capstone Project and/or Rating Advanced/Proficient on the Employability Skills Rubric

Community Connected and Globally Aware: Required — Completion minimum of 20 Hours of Pathway Service Learning (embedded in the academy). Recommended — Participation in an extra or co-curricular activity and/or Completion of the Seal of Biliteracy