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Reopening Schedule

Students in Pre-Kindergarten and Grades 6, 7, and 8 can return to school for
in-person teaching and learning beginning on Monday, April 26. Our principals are sending a Learning Choice Form to families beginning on April 8. 


Return to In-Person Teaching and Learning!

To the EPS Community,

I am reaching out today to provide a quick update on our return to full-time in-person teaching and learning. Classes for PreK-Grade 12 students in substantially separate special education classrooms will begin on Monday, March 29, and our K-5 students will follow on Monday, April 5.  I want to thank each and every person in the district who has worked so hard to make these start dates a reality.

If you are a parent or guardian of a K-5 student who has not filled out a Learning Choice Form, please do so as soon as possible. If you have not received the form, contact your school principal or assistant principal, and they will provide one to you. If you have not filled out a form because you are planning to remain in remote learning, we would respectfully request that you still fill it out to officially inform us of your decision.

The EPS is planning on offering five-day in-person teaching and learning for students in preKindergarten and Grades 6-8 beginning on Monday, April 26. We will send a separate In-Person Learning Choice Form to parents and guardians of preschool and middle school students shortly.

We are still in the process of finalizing the date upon which we will return to in-person instruction for our high school students. We will communicate that date as soon as possible. 

This week saw our teachers return to school to prepare for the March 29 and April 5 start dates. It was gratifying to talk face-to-face with some of the teachers and staff members who have worked so compassionately, creatively, and persistently throughout the year. Our buildings are ready. Our classrooms have been equipped with the necessary technology. Our Building Maintenance Department and custodians have outfitted our district with the PPE, cleaning supplies, and the materials we require. You can be assured that countless hours have gone into our build-up to in-person teaching and learning.

Throughout our remote learning model, educators have consistently communicated that parents and families have played an immeasurable role in all of the learning successes achieved by students during this school year.  Let this be my way of thanking you. Your love and advocacy for your students has been an awesome force in helping us through this. And it will be integral to the accomplishments and success we are sure to enjoy in the coming months and years.

In Partnership,
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Priya Tahiliani


Update: No School on March 22; e-Learning Centers Close on April 2




To the Everett Public Schools Community,


In advance of opening classrooms for full-time in-person teaching and learning, we have some important scheduling updates and reminders to share with you.


First and foremost, families of K-5 students should be on the lookout for the K-5 In-Personal Learning Choice Form from your student’s school. This will allow you to inform us about whether your student will attend in-person classes or continue to use our remote-education model. Please fill out the form as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.


As a reminder, we are opening schools for our students in substantially separate classrooms from preKindergarten to grade 12 beginning on Monday, March 29.  Students in grades Kindergarten through 5 will begin on Monday, April 5. We are returning to a full-day schedule, five days per week for those families who choose this educational model.


We will aim to practice six-feet of physical distancing wherever possible, but we will utilize the three-feet minimum as needed and as recommended by the state. Face-coverings will be required for all students and staff, and we will be following all safety guidelines per the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


We hope to add in-person opportunities for students in Pre-Kindergarten and Grades 6-12 at a later date.


As we ready for the final lead-up to our reopening, we have made some changes to our school schedule:



The EPS will be closed on March 22nd  so our educators can set up classrooms, troubleshoot technology, take part in professional development to prepare for in-person learning. All buildings will be closed, and students will not log on for e-Education.


Monday, March 29 — In person classes begin for students in our substantially separate classrooms from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.  Families will be contacted directly by the Special Education Department to confirm their choice of learning model.  


Thursday, April 1 — This will be the LAST DAY we operate our e-LEarning Centers. They will remain closed for the remainder of the school year, even for students who choose to continue with remote learning. The EPS thanks all of the paraprofessionals, staff members, students, and families who made the e-Learning Centers a critical part of our e-Education model.


Friday, April 2 — NO SCHOOL, GOOD FRIDAY

This is a regularly-scheduled holiday. All schools will be closed, and students will not log on for e-Education.


Monday, April 5 — Full-time, in-person learning begins for K-5 students who have submitted the aforementioned form indicating they want to return to school.


In closing, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to our teachers. They have been central to any and all successes we have enjoyed during this unprecedented school year. In August, our educators responded to the immediate and rigorous requirements of e-Education and established a framework that successfully combines technology with their natural teaching skills. And in recent weeks, the Everett Teachers Association has been instrumental in helping us realize our ultimate objective of giving students the chance to return to school before 2020-21 comes to an end.


Priya Tahiliani                 


Everett Public Schools



Students Return for In-Person Classes on April 5




To the Everett Public Schools Community,

After months of delays and detours, hope and frustration, planning and revision, I am thrilled to announce that we can mark our calendars with five words of unmistakable meaning: Back To School In Person. 

Productive and robust discussions between the Everett Public Schools and the Everett Teachers Association has resulted in the development of our official back-to-school timeline. Educators, parents, and families who are directly impacted by this schedule should feel free to plan accordingly.

Monday, March 8 — As has been our previous practice, EPS schools will be open for all teachers and staff to return to their classrooms on a voluntary basis.  For those who have not already been working in the buildings and plan to return on March 8th, please notify the school principal before returning.    

Monday, March 22 — All EPS teachers and staff will return to school to prepare for the return of students. 

Monday, March 29 — All special education students in sub-separate classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 will return to school five days per week.

Monday, April 5 — All Kindergarten to Grade 5 students will return to school five days per week.

April 12 and Beyond — The EPS will continue to follow state guidance and monitor Covid-19 metrics, with the hope of bringing back students in grades Pre-Kindergarten and 6-12 as soon as possible.

Under the circumstances, I am thrilled with this schedule. I applaud our administration and the ETA for formulating a plan that is practical and proactive.  

First and foremost, I want as many of our students as possible to have the chance to attend school five days a week. And this timeline allows us to meet the state’s firm recommendation that elementary students return to school by April.

Secondly, there is genuine momentum building for vaccinating educators. In fact, this morning Governor Charlie Baker announced that teachers, early educators and school staff members will be eligible to begin signing up for COVID-19 vaccine appointments starting on March 11. 

This is great news. There is no argument to be made against prioritizing educators for the vaccine to the greatest extent possible. And it is very exciting to think about a scenario in which the vaccination effort significantly ramps up this month, as we prepare to welcome back our students in April. 

Thirdly, this back-to-school schedule enables us to bypass hybrid learning and move directly into full in-person teaching and learning. I believe this, on balance, is a clear positive for our students, families, and educators. Given the state’s recommendation for an April restart, cycling from remote to hybrid to in-person in as little as four to six weeks would have been burdensome. I am pleased that we can focus all of our energy on in-person teaching and learning.

For our K-5 families, school leaders will soon send you a form in which you can opt into or out of in-person learning starting April 5th.  Families can opt back into remote learning at any point, but families will only be able transition from remote learning to in-person during designated enrollment periods.  

We will be sharing more information regarding eLearning Centers, student schedules, and other reopening details throughout this month. We have a subsequent meeting of the EPS administration and the ETA negotiating team on Monday, March 8th to solidify some specifics.  In the meantime, you can click HERE to learn about some of the main components of our plan, including safety guidance. 

As always, I have to end by thanking all of you. Your dedication, creativity, patience, and compassion throughout this unprecedented school year has been a credit to our district and to our community.


Priya Tahiliani                                     


Everett Public Schools