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Guidance (PreK-8)

September Newsletter

The past  two years have been unique. We, as a community, have endured a great deal of struggles due to the impact of Covid. We, as a school system, hope to help all of our families as we return to what we hope is a sense of normalcy. Our guidance department is looking forward to a year in which we can reconnect with students and their families and assist in making the return to school smooth.



It is a precious time in the lives of our young ones whether it is their first time attending school or they are returning to school. The excitement builds up for the students, their families and the staff. As guidance counselor, I, Jessyca Redler, am looking forward to sharing lessons on matters that are critical to our youth. These topics include sharing, taking turns, bullying, making healthy choices, decision making, teamwork, integrity, respect and courage. In addition, after the pandemic has affected all of us, it is more important now than ever to teach students to be mindful. Mindful minutes will be introduced to help students develop skills to relax, stay calm and focus. This will be an exciting year!

It’s great to be back with students at the Devens School. This year we are working with students to make the transition back to school as seamless as possible. We will be providing support for our students from elementary through high school. We want to make sure that everyone feels safe and supported everyday. We will be going into classes to provide social emotional learning to help with the transition back to school. We look forward to seeing you in our building and at meetings.
We are back !! We are all so excited to have all our students back in the building! This year we will be focused on building connections, relationships, and trust with all our students. Some have been out of school for an entire year or more! This year it is all about making sure our students feel safe and supported each and every day. Our guidance team is looking forward to working with students on a variety of topics and lessons, some being social skills, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, bullying, transitions, and many more. This year will be the year to show everyone that anything is possible, even with covid, working together we can overcome all these challenges and obstacles.
We are excited to welcome back our students to the Lafayette School!  As we transition back to school, our guidance team will be providing many opportunities for student support and social emotional growth through guidance themed classroom lessons, small group and individual counseling, social skills groups and school-wide monthly themes to discuss important topics such as bullying awareness, empathy, mindfulness, and growth mindset.  We are looking forward to working with all of our students and families during this school year!
We are extremely excited to welcome our students back to The Madeline English School! Our Guidance Team is thrilled to be back in person.  We will provide an array of services that will support our students and families as they transition back to the building. Our Guidance efforts will include small group counseling, social pragmatics lessons, conflict resolution, role plays, individual counseling, and whole classroom lessons. We look forward to seeing you all back in the building!
We are so excited to welcome back our Parlin students!! The past year and a half has been eventful, and has really reinforced how incredibly resilient our students are! The guidance staff couldn’t be happier to see all the smiling faces enter the building, filled with excitement for the upcoming school year. We will support our students' needs through a variety of ways, classroom instruction, small group, and individually. We will be collaborating with teachers to make social emotional learning a top priority this school year. We look forward to connecting and supporting the students at the Parlin!
The Webster School is so excited to welcome back our students for full in-person learning! We understand that many of our students and families have experienced hardships over the last year and a half and we are here to support in any way possible. Our guidance counselor will provide social and emotional supports through small and large groups and individual counseling as needed. The focus of this school year will be empathy, bullying awareness, and mindfulness. We will work together with classroom teachers to ensure that social and emotional learning is embedded into the everyday curriculum. Together we will make this the best year ever!
The Whittier School is excited to be back together in person once again.  Along with challenging our students academically, there will be time for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities throughout the day.  Children will practice ways to build executive functioning skills, social awareness, self-regulation techniques and relationship skills. Building these skills helps children access learning and it helps them make positive choices now and in the future.
'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.'
– Chinese Proverb