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Equity Task Force

Interested in Joining the Task Force?
Email your resume to Chief Equity Officer Janelle Ridley at [email protected]
— Task Force Details —
The Equity Office seeks to collaborate among internal and external partners to ensure Everett Public Schools is providing a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive space and access for all students which leads to prosperous opportunities for college, career and life trajectory. The Equity Task Force will support the whole student through policy and protocol implementation.

Team Mission Statement: The Everett Public Schools (MA) is creating an Equity Task Force to address and dismantle inequitable practices that lead to discrimination against special populations and subgroups, and the invoking of implicit biases. We are committed to changes that impact our community both in the school and at the district level by having difficult conversations. The task force will build an equity tool that is accessible on all levels and implement a 3-year plan that ensures equity for all members of the EPS beginning with our everyday practices in the school and at the district level. Lead by the Office of Equity, this Task Force will support the Superintendent with her effort to engrain excellence, opportunity, voice, and agency in our schools by using 21st century research, best practices and collaboration to ensure that every scholar is graced with academic achievement, socially inclusive support and long-term improvement to their trajectory beyond the EPS.

Developing an Equity Framework and Agenda that affirms our commitment to: 

  1. Student Achievement

  2. Best practices on all levels

  3. Dismantling systems that do not honor our diverse communities and cultural pillars that make up the members of the EPS community

  4. Examining biases, and creating inclusive multicultural school environments for adults and students

  5. Exploring all avenues and possibilities to discover and honor the gifts, agency, uniqueness and talent within our student body.
The Equity Task Force will be a partnership between external stakeholders, educators, community, students and family working alongside the Chief Equity Officer to ensure best outcomes for Everett students and families. This will be a stipend position and one year term January 2023 to December 2023 to be reviewed annually.

  • Pre-work to review current policies, regulations and guidelines.
  • Support in reviewing the Equity Budget and suggestions on needs of the District.
  • Attend 1.5 hours of synchronous Zoom sessions January-June and August-December.
  • Plan and lead two workshops during the school year with educators, school leaders, students and other administration.
  • Monthly in-person meetings for 2 hours to discuss concerns, challenges and needs of the District.
  • Attend two school committee meeting during the year.
  • Make policy recommendations to the Chief Equity Officer
  • Review school and education practices within the District
  • Create sustainable plans to Recruit and Retain Educators and Staff of Color within the District.
  • Work with the Chief Equity Officer on creating a 3-year strategic plan for the EPS District.

Up to $3,000 stipend, based on $40/ hr for 75 hours of time. 

Total of hours are approximate. If there is any time left, we will use it to complete other C/VTE responsibilities for program approval and renewal as for example the graduate follow up.