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Superintendent's Entry Report


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As a participant in the New Superintendent Induction Program, I submitted a formal Entry Plan to the community and the School Committee in late 2020. This report details the findings of this comprehensive and ambitious process. It is meant to bring focus and clarity to the work we need to undertake as a district. It represents the end of my transition into the superintendent’s position, and the beginning of the next phase in the evolution of the Everett Public Schools.


I came to Everett after 19 years as an educator and administrator, giving me the time and experience to formulate my core values and overall philosophy about how a successful urban school district should function. The past 15 months has given me the invaluable opportunity to adjust and mesh my thoughts with the unique aspects of the EPS. I have identified strengths that stand on their own, and others that need to be supported and expanded. I have discovered areas that need light editing, and others that need to be rewritten altogether.


While this report includes several essential data findings, it also represents a coherent narrative of my listening tour. I had countless conversations with multiple stakeholders, including staff at all of our schools. I thank everyone I talked to for their thoughtfulness, and for showing me that education can be viewed from endless vantage points.


A plan of action, while critical, cannot precede a thorough review. This report aims to meet the latter objective. It is a brief but meaningful view of the major themes of my entry findings. From this, we can develop a multi-point strategy for turning the EPS into a preeminent school system.


That is the crux of this report: We are confronted with great challenges but even greater opportunity. And it is my greatest professional honor to be in a position to oversee this effort.


Priya Tahiliani

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Superintendent of Schools



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