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How to Best Utilize Federal Relief Funding?

Funds received via the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief grant (ESSER)
The Everett Public Schools is poised to receive a third round of federal relief funds this year. Before we do, we want to hear from our stakeholders — parents, students, and community members — on the best ways to use these one-time funds. These resources will allow us to not only continue to recover from the pandemic but also make great strides and advancements this school year and beyond. As a quick refresher, here is what we have received to date, and how it has been invested:
ESSER I ($1,562,791): .Allocated to districts to assist with coordination of preparedness and response efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus. Funds were utilized to assist with 1:1 technology for remote learning, telephonic services for language interpretation, summer programs, community based partnerships and equitable services to private and parochial schools
ESSER II ($5,996,292): Allocated to districts to continue the recovery efforts from the pandemic. Funds to be utilized toward academic rigor through enhanced programming and Instructional positions, social emotional supports, supplemental programming for students, and continued safety and cleaning through the school year. 
ESSER III ($13M): To be determined! What are your thoughts?

Think big! Be ambitious about what you believe the EPS needs to add or enhance as we work on ensuring our students are set up for success.
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