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Remembering Christina Troville

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A Brave and Unforgettable Student

Yesterday, the Everett Public Schools lost a very special student, Christina Troville. Christina Troville passed away at 5:10 after long fought complications from a medical procedure.

Christina was a quiet and somewhat shy student. However, she was admired by those she met for her passion for the things she enjoyed. Christina loved to laugh and had a witty and dry sense of humor. She was quick with her one liners. She engaged people with her kind, unassuming and friendly demeanor. You could tell when you met her that was thankful for everything she had and all she experienced. Christina was original, creative and artistic. Christina enjoyed journaling, drawing and singing. She loved animals, video games and, admittedly, like most teenagers, sleeping!

There is one thing about Christina that many people did not know. She was tough, very tough! She was the recipient of not one but two double lung transplants! Despite chronic health issues, Christina was always true to herself. She was always grateful for all she had and it was obvious through her actions. In 2018, Christina was nominated for an EPS “YES, I Can!” award for her positive attitude.

If you had just met Christina you would immediately be impressed with her enthusiasm and positive disposition. However, if you were familiar with her medical history and the chronic health issues she battled regularly, you would consider her resilience to be nothing short of remarkable!

Through all of this, Christina was always quick to express how thankful she was for the support of her family. In her own words, “One thing that means the most to me, is my family… I don’t know what I would do without them. I’m so happy to have them!”

Christina will be missed by all who knew her.

Dr. Brian Wallace
Principal, Devens School