Photo Album

Cafeteria tables, filled with parents and families
A mother holds her young son in her arms
A family of four gathers at a table for the family breakfast
The parents of a Lafayette student, at the coffee table
A woman holds a microphone and reads from a clipboard
A man holding the hand of a youngster
Four adults and a young female student
A posed photo of a mother and her young daughter
A posed photo of a young girl with two adults
A posed photo of a man holding a young girl in his arms
Principal David Brady makes notes as he talks to a parent
Title I Family Liaison Tammy LaRosa and Data Coach Jennifer McCarthy, both smiling widely and shoulder to shoulder
A posed photo of three female members of the Lafayette Title I team
A posed photo of two members of the Title I team
From left: Math Interventionists Jennifer Tulipani and Michelle Villano, Literacy Interventionist Melissa Patti, Director of Literacy and Title I Michelle Rooney, Data Coach Jennifer McCarthy, Literacy Interventionist Karen Tohmc, Title I Parent Liaison Tammy LaRosa, and Translator/Guidance Intern Fernanda Andrade.
Data Coach Jennifer McCarthy holds up a piece of paper as she speaks to the audience using a microphone
A close-up of a group of parents seated near the front of the stage
A parent uses a hand gesture as she asks a question
Assistant Principal Paolo Lambresa extends an arm toward the audience as he speaks at a microphone