Photo Album

Clarinet and flute players, side by side on stage
Two female saxophone players, one wearing a Santa hat, side by side on stage,
A drummer, a sax player, and a teacher playing the keyboard against a shadowy backdrop on stage
Two horn players and a teacher perform on stage
A male student and a teacher play the clarinet at center stage
Two male horn players perform at center stage, the auditorium's bright red curtain visible in the back
A teacher conducts a middle school band
Multiple members of a middle school band play a holiday favorite
Four students and a teacher play clarinets
A closeup of a female student playing the flute with her teacher
A student and a teacher both play the clarinet
A close-up of four middle school band members during the middle of a number
A close-up of two female flute players during a performance
A close-up of four band members on stage
Two male drummers, one wearing a Santa hat with antlers
Eight female band members perform a holiday favorite
Several band members play their instruments
Four female flute players perform at center stage
A teacher conducts four brass players
Four female clarinet players perform at center stage
A close-up of several members of the fifth grade band
A close-up of one section of the fifth grade band
A wide-angle view of the entire fifth grade band and the back of the conductor
A fifth grader plays the opening notes to Jingle Bells on the clarinet