Photo Album

A father with his son around his son's shoulders as they enter the Devens School gymnasium
Three students seated a table, with plates of food in front of them
Two students, seated at a table, take a break from brunch and look at the camera
Mark Puleo, seated across the table from Dorothy Martin Long
Three students, seated side by side
Three family members seated inside the Devens Gymnasium for the Thanksgiving Brunch
A mother stands with her three of her children and a stroller
Four guests, two seated and one standing, pose for a photo
A student holds a decorative quiver he made
A mother and son, cheek to cheek
Three guests, a woman and two children, seated at a table and fall squarely facing the camera
Three guests huddle close together at a table
Secretary Kelly Colarusso, City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, and School Committee member Marcony Almeida Barros