Photo Album

Photos from the Everett High School Theatre Company production of "Once On This Island."

May Bowman as Andrea Deveroux, Anthony Villatoro as Daniel Bouxhomme, and Jhalyshka Feliciano as Ti Moune share the stage during a scene
A solo photo of Anthony Villatoro as Daniel Bouxhomme
Kathy Santos, playing Little Ti Moune, crosses her hands across her chest and looks into the audience.
Rae Previlon, playing the role of Little Girl, sits and holds a doll
A smiling Dacia Eugene, as Asaka, Mother of the Earth and Rae Previlon (Little Girl) are to either side of a seated Jhalyshka Feliciano (Ti Moune), who’s wearing a bemused expression
Maya Jamison Walsh, as Mama Euralie, holds a basket and smiles up at Darnell Hall, who plays Tonton Julien
Marck- Hens Jules, who plays Papa Ge, Demon of Death, lifts and holds Jhalyshka Feliciano, who plays Ti Moune
Darren Pierre, who plays Agwe, God of Water, reaches out to Jhalyshka Feliciano, who plays Ti Moune and whose head is tilted to the sky while leaning backwards
The full cast of “Once on this Island” gathers at center stage as it performs the number entitled, ‘We Dance’
The full cast of “Once on this Island” sings and dances for the number, “Why We Tell”