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For STEM Week, Whittier School first graders completed a two-week project on Food Waste. It began as the students learned about recycling and conservation in which they identified ways they could reduce, reuse, and recycle. They also learned about waste, especially food waste. They continued thinking about food waste by exploring where an apple comes from, and examining food decomposition and what happens when food is not eaten. They learned the importance of finding ways to preserve and reuse food to help reduce waste. The first graders became engineers as they followed the design process to solve the problem of preserving an apple, utilizing test materials that slow the rate of decomposition. The first graders had fun as they investigated through this hands-on science activity.

Whittier students gather in the hallway for a group photo
A Whittier student works on a science project focused on food waste and decomposition
One student holds something while another pours water over it
A student works with materials during a STEM Week project
Two students collaborate on a project on the preservation of apples
A student draws a picture of an apple as part of a science project
Students record their findings on a science project
Souring apples on a plate
Students place information cards on the floor