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High school education in Everett is changing.

Everett Public Schools has taken up the national challenge, moving to provide all students with more of the advanced skills they need to be successful, productive citizens in college, career and life. We call it the Academies of Everett.

Academies allow students to choose a thematic course of study, such as engineering, healthcare, law or government, and learn in a relevant, hands-on environment with real-world application.

Our students learn math, science, English and social studies in the  context of their academy theme.

All Academies Offer
• Small learning communities
• Learning through a career lens
• Business and community engagement

The Academies of Everett include:
• Science Technology & Engineering
• Business, Law & Hospitality
• Health & Public Service
• Construction, Machining & Architectural Design

Research on high wage, high demand job opportunities in our region along with input from students, teachers, parents and the community will determine the academies, pathways and CTE offered at our schools.

Recognized Benefits Of Academies
• Increased graduation rates
• Increased participation in advanced courses
• Increased achievement scores
• Decreased discipline referrals
• Prepared for college, career and life

The Academies of Everett High School Logos

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